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Hey Laura, what do I do about these awfully itchy bug bites?!

I got code red emergency question today that I have to push to the front of the line!

Itchin’ and bitchin’” (hee hee!) writes:

I have bug bites, presumably mosquito, EVERYWHERE!  I literally have dozens over my body; they’ve been viscious in the past few days, and they especially enjoy my “unmentionables” regions.  I’m telling you, I have bites in places you REALLY aren’t supposed to get bitten.  And the itching is driving me insane.  Some have turned into weeping welts, especially the ones on seams of my clothing (thighs, bra lines, etc.).  But I’m a chem-free sort of girl—I need a home-grown, or at the very least nasty-stuff-free, bug bite relief!  PLEASE help me!

What you’re...

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Hey Laura, can I have coffee when I’m on pain medication?

Leslie (whose special privileges got him bumped to the head of the question line) asks:

What’s the best pain killer if I want my morning cup of coffee? There is a lot of conflicting research on the subject. I understand you are not a medical professional but you are good at digging up general internet consensus. Specifically I’m trying to choose between Aleve, Tylenol, and Ibuprofen.

****That’s right, Leslie, I AM NOT A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL!*****

So, there’s this study by University of Washington that found Mixing Tylenol with Caffeine may Increase the Risk of Liver Damage. However, this is preliminary research and, as this article notes, the study results are based off of enormous...

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Hey Laura, are there effective natural pain relievers for arthritis?

Emily writes:

My mum has arthritis in her thumbs and it gives her a lot of pain. I want to look for something to help her but I dont really know where to start. Do you know of any herbal (or just generally non toxic) remedies that I can suggest to her to relieve it.

Luckily, there are a lot of effective and natural ways to combat the pain and inflammation of osteoarthritis!

Diet and nutrition
Probably the most important thing your mom can do is to change her diet. Avoiding inflammatory foods can really help…you guessed it: reduce inflammation! Dairy, sugary, salty, and fatty foods, nightshades (potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, etc.), alcohol and caffeine all contribute to inflammation....

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Hey Laura, what can I do for my infant’s digestive issues?

Harmony writes:

Dear Laura, my 2-week old daughter is projectile vomiting and is awake for about four hours a night in pain, what do I do?

This is very familiar territory for me, as a mom of two babies with food intolerances. Can I just say right off that I don’t buy the “Happy Spitter” theory? That if your baby vomits all the time but is gaining weight that it’s “A laundry issue, not a medical issue”?

If your baby’s body is rejecting sustenance, there is likely something wrong and long-term GI damage is most likely occurring.

Take action now and avoid prolonged health issues. Gut health is vitally important for immunity; many cases of allergies and asthma are rooted in poor gut health...Continue reading

Hey Laura, what can I do for my back pain?

Heather caught me on Facebook this afternoon, wondering what she can do for her chronic back pain during the 2 weeks that her chiropractor is out of town.

Oh, Heather! I know how it is; I get absolutely panicky inside when I can’t get instant access my chiropractor!

Luckily, there is an inexpensive tool to help you maintain a more comfortable existence between chiro appointments: the foam roller.

Just a simple cylinder of high density foam, this magical creature will become your best friend! You can find them at most sporting goods stores, or you can order from Amazon (and support heylaurawhat.com!)

The foam roller assists in self massage for myofascial release. The fascia are the...

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