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Snippets: How (and why) to eliminate dairy (and/or soy)

I’m compiling a list of resources here for anyone who needs to drop milk products from their diet. I run into this question a lot from breastfeeding moms with fussy babies and want to have a starting point for them. I will definitely be adding to this list over time, but I wanted to get it published right away for a mama in need.

Eliminating dairy is one of the first things I suggest for infants with digestive issues or excessive fussiness. Dairy elimination is also a great first step in reducing ear infections in kids.

When removing dairy from your diet, don’t automatically replace everything with soy substitutes. Many babies with milk intolerance are also sensitive to soy (the proteins...

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Hey Laura, why is my 4 year old suddenly wetting the bed again?

Brandi writes:

My 4 yr old, Ryan, has been night time potty trained for about 6 months now.  Unfortunately, we’ve had a pretty big set back in the last month (not-so coincidentally, it started right around the time my second son was born) and Ryan is now wetting the bed every night—sometimes twice in one night!  I am completely frustrated and sick of washing bedding EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!  The rational side of me says that it’s probably related to the new baby.  However, the sleep deprived, new-baby-in-the-house-who-nurses-all-night-long side of me is starting to lose it!  What can I do to get Ryan back on track?  We wake him each night around 10:30 to use the bathroom, but he’s still having...

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Review and (CLOSED) Giveaway: Zoe Organics’ Extreme Cream

I’ve reviewed other Zoe Organics products before, but the Extreme Cream is new and worth its own mention.

Extreme Cream
2 oz for $18 or 4 oz for $28

The Extreme Cream is aptly named. It is intense! A little goes a very long way. I can fully moisturize my icky winter-dry hands with a nob the size of a pea.

I love the whipped butter like texture of this stuff when you first pull it out of the jar. It gets melty and creamy as soon as you rub it between your palms, so it applies very easily. There is no real scent to it since it contains no essential oils - just the wonderful rich moisturizing ingredients; this makes it an excellent choice for very small babies or individuals with...

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Hey Laura, tell me about breastfeeding during pregnancy

HVW writes:

My son is 18 months old and nurses 4-5 times a day, and seems to be in the process of cutting back on his daytime nursing in the past few months. My husband and I are tentatively planning to try for #2 starting in the next few weeks. My son was conceived on the first “try” but you never know how long it will take. My goal is to nurse my first son for at least 2 years, although at this age I do not mind if I end up having to supplement some with cow’s milk or other dairy products (he does eat cheese at this time but I don’t give him cow’s milk).

I know that often pregnancy reduces or dries up milk supply. I have seen a variety of data on how many women do lose their milk supply...

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Hey Laura, I’ve got great friends with a horrible kid

“Frustrated Friend” writes:

We have some great friends, we, the wives get along. The hubbies get along…

The kids - not so much!

My friends have the most aggressive, undisciplined little hellion I have ever met. Her son is mean and a total bully to both of my sons. He hits, pushes, bites, break toys and on top he YELLS EVERYTHING. This kid has no filter to good, bad, polite or impolite.  I have hinted that he plays rough, asked him to play nicely, even separated my son and him and put them in two different spaces of the house.

How do I tell her that her son is a bully without alienating her and ruining our friendship?

Good couple friends are hard to come by, but truly priceless is when...

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Hey Laura, do amber necklaces help with teething pain?

Carissa writes:

Can you tell me about amber necklaces and the benefits of babies/toddlers wearing them? A quick Google search told me they are to help relieve pain from teething. . .is there anything else? I noticed your girls wear them; what has been your experience with them?

Amber has been used for centuries for its topical analgesic effects. The succinic acid in amber is said to reduce inflammation. Of course, as with many ancient natural remedies, amber has been vaunted as a veritable cure-all with not a whole lot of solid scientific backing to prove it. It does have a very interesting cultural history, which you can read about here.

In my research, I kept coming across the mention...

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Hey Laura, how do I balance me-time and attentive parenting?

Guilt-ridden writes:

How do you balance being on the computer with being an attentive parent?  And then add in that I work almost full time and am a full time college student and there’s just not enough time in the day!

When I come home from work I just want to sit and veg out on the computer for a little while.  My husband’s the same way.  We both feel like we’re ignoring our daughter, but waiting until after she goes to bed (around 9pm) doesn’t seem plausible either.  HELP?!  How do we play with her as much as she needs it but still get our much needed PC/break time?

As any parent knows, kids require so much attention, especially in the early years. It can feel like you are being...

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