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Hey Laura, How Do I Get to Know My Neighbors?

Anonymous writes:

“You’ve mentioned a lot lately on Facebook about how awesome your neighbors are and prodding us all to get to know our own neighbors. Problem is, I don’t know how to do that! I feel weird just knocking on people’s doors, offering to be their friend!”

Oh, believe me, I know how intimidating it is to put yourself out there with strangers! But as you know, I think it’s a worthwhile endeavor to do so with your neighbors. You have the opportunity to create connections with people whose lives are proximate to you - people who can give you practical, real-life support if you need it. It’s great to keep up with Facebook friends, and to have close friendships that are maintained...

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Hey Laura, how do I balance me-time and attentive parenting?

Guilt-ridden writes:

How do you balance being on the computer with being an attentive parent?  And then add in that I work almost full time and am a full time college student and there’s just not enough time in the day!

When I come home from work I just want to sit and veg out on the computer for a little while.  My husband’s the same way.  We both feel like we’re ignoring our daughter, but waiting until after she goes to bed (around 9pm) doesn’t seem plausible either.  HELP?!  How do we play with her as much as she needs it but still get our much needed PC/break time?

As any parent knows, kids require so much attention, especially in the early years. It can feel like you are being...

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Hey Laura, how can I survive being neighbors with family?

“B” writes:

Dear Laura,
I just moved into a wonderful house next door to my brother and his wife and new child. While I love living next door to them, I have a few concerns. I don’t want to be the nosey know-it-all sister who interferes with how they raise their child, but I have some helpful advice I would like to pass on. How does one go about giving advice without being pushy? Secondly, they love to stop in randomly, and while I do enjoy seeing them and my new nephew, they once even walked in on me sans clothing! What is the nice/proper way of getting them to call first even though we are just a few steps away?

Oh, the joys of living near family! While it can be awesome to have...

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