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Hey Laura, what are some all-natural household cleaners?

Leila asks:

I’ve recently decided to get rid of the yucky chemicals in my life - no more artificial fragrances and no more super toxic cleaning products. Before I buy everything on the shelf at Whole Foods, is there a way to go about this transition more economically?

“My” method
Well, if you’ve read my blog for long, you’ve probably noticed I’m a big fan of method products.

If you’re easing yourself into the world of more natural cleaning products, method is a great start. They are naturally derived, non-toxic, and very effective.

Here are a few method products I love:

- Flushable Tub & Tile wipes. Perfect for a quick swipe of the counters, sink, and toilet surfaces to freshen up...

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Hey Laura, what’s an earth friendly, cost-effective way to “brown bag it”?

Kristina writes:

I brown bag it every day at work.  I put everything in a cute reusable bag (one that I think you gave me, actually), but I don’t have any small reusable bags.  I waste a lot of plastic baggies on packaging my sandwiches, carrot sticks, and whatever else.  How can I keep things clean, cute, and fresh with less waste?
P.S. I’m really not all that interested in bento boxes.

Wonderful question, Kristina! I was actually just researching this for myself the other day, so I have a bunch of resources for you. I can absolutely point you in the direction of clean, cute and fresh food-keeping. Oh, the cuteness that abounds nowadays in reusable snack and sandwich bags! Just...

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Hey Laura, got a natural solution for dry winter skin?

Renee writes:

I have the driest skin ever, especially in the winter. My skin gets so dry I usually break the skin scratching my arms and legs. I’ve tried dozens of different lotions to no avail. Are there any natural products I could use?

Oh, I hear you, Renee. I traded the bitter cold winters of the Great Plains for the milder but more arid High Desert climate. My skin hates me. Based on the advice I’ve gleaned here and there over the years, here is what I’ve done to cope.

Inside Out
Make sure that your whole system isn’t dry. I know I have a hard time staying hydrated when it’s cold outside, because drinking cool water just makes me feel colder! You may be tempted to replace some of...

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