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Hey Laura, what are some family-friendly activities in Maui?

Michelle writes:

We are going to Hawaii in June - know of any family friendly must-do’s in Maui?

Well, Michelle, I dearly wish I was a true expert on anything about Maui. My first time to Maui (and the Islands in general) was last November. It was lovely and I can’t wait to visit again. I’ll link you to all the things we enjoyed, and hope that other readers can do the same in the comments!

We stayed just north of Lahaina, in Kaanapali, which is basically just a long string of beach resorts and condominium hotels. I’m not a resort-y kind of person and would probably try renting something through VRBO.com, if we go again. (Like, maybe this $220/night, 2 bed/2 bath cottage 200 feet from...

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Snippets: Raising Adventurous Eaters

My friend Heidi blogged an excellent piece called: On Picky Eaters: How to Develop a Sense of Food Adventure.

I immediately emailed her and asked her if I could link to it. It’s like Heidi did my work for me today (which is lucky, since I’m still overwhelmed with unpacking boxes in my new house!); I couldn’t agree with her more, and am pleased that she agreed to let me share this article with you. Her family feeding guide is a great addition to my other kid-and-food related stuff.

My thoughts
Practices at my house are very similar to Heidi’s, although we are big-time snackers here. My 4.5 year old is very sensitive to blood sugar fluctuations, so I make sure she has a nibble of something...

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Hey Laura, find me healthy food near the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle

Okay, pushing my regular posting aside to help out my husband in need. He’s up at PAX this weekend, getting his nerd on. But since I’ve converted him to clean eating, he has a hard time at these things! Too much Mountain Dew and not enough salad!

Yeah, he could probably run his one Yelp search, but what are expert wives for, anyway?

Here goes, honey. (I never call him honey, by the way; that was just for the alliterative effect.)

The closest thing to PAX is actually in the convention center, on the second floor: Juicy Cafe has smoothies, sandwiches, rice bowls, soups, salads, breakfasts, and coffee. It looks very good and it is surprisingly affordable for convention center dining....

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Hey Laura, where can I get great coffee in San Francisco?

Leslie writes:

Hey Laura, I packed my thermos for my week-long trip to San Francisco. Help me fill it up! The only caveat is that I’ll be on foot in the Fisherman’s Wharf and Fort Mason area. What’s good that is nearby?

You’ll be spending most of your time at Fort Mason, so be aware that Greens (famous! awesome vegetarian fare! you should eat there!) Restaurant has a little to-go cafe with coffee and pastries in the morning and soup and sandwiches in the afternoon. Greens To Go opens at 8am (9am on Sundays).

Also in Fort Mason is Cafe Franco, located in the back of the Fisherman’s Wharf Hostel. Look for signs at the hostel, and be aware that the cafe is often closed between 3 and 5pm....

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