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Hey Laura, do sick babies need to nurse?

Brandi, The Friendly Doula, writes:

I have a family whose 5 month old is sick for the fist time since a difficult birth. The mom took the kiddo to the Drs today and the Dr wants her to stop nursing and give the child nothing but pedialyte for the next 48 hours. This to me makes no sense and seems to risk an already difficultly established nursing relationship (the baby didnt nurse for almost 2 weeks after birth) , but i have no backing to support my instincts here… help?!

This is completely ignorant and potentially harmful advice; in my opinion doctors who are this uneducated about a breastfed baby’s health ought to be out of a job. And possibly kicked in the head. :)

He’s wrong. Do more...

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Hey Laura, how do I get my 8 month old to sleep longer?

Jaime writes:

I am staunch attachment parent advocate. Love the co-sleeping, baby-wearing, no CIO philosophy. That said-I have a 7.5 month old that seems to be no closer to sleeping through the night than he was at birth. I have put him in his own bed and he wakes up within an hour. Next to me he may make it 2 or sometimes 3. Help! I love my little chubbers, but mama needs some sleep!

Ironically, my progress in responding to this question has been interrupted 3 times now by my nearly-5 month old waking up! :)

I think I’ve linked to my favorite parenting advice blog of all time, AskMoxie.org. Man, she (along with her awesome community of commenters) has saved my sanity many a time! It was...

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Snippets: Hyperactive toddler

Harmony just had a baby and her (still-also-nursing) 2 year old daughter is going a bit crazy in the transition. While a lot of the manic energy and behavioral issues can be explained away by all the upheaval in their home right now, Harmony’s gut feeling is that there is a nutritional element involved as well. Since Harmony’s family eats very clean already (very little refined flours and sugar, small amounts of organic dairy), she asked me to look into what happens to kiddos when they are overdosing on fruit. Here’s what I found and emailed back to her.

The fruit thing you’re probably thinking of is salicylates - naturally occurring chemicals in…pretty much everything. NOT fun to try to...

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Hey Laura, what can I do for my infant’s digestive issues?

Harmony writes:

Dear Laura, my 2-week old daughter is projectile vomiting and is awake for about four hours a night in pain, what do I do?

This is very familiar territory for me, as a mom of two babies with food intolerances. Can I just say right off that I don’t buy the “Happy Spitter” theory? That if your baby vomits all the time but is gaining weight that it’s “A laundry issue, not a medical issue”?

If your baby’s body is rejecting sustenance, there is likely something wrong and long-term GI damage is most likely occurring.

Take action now and avoid prolonged health issues. Gut health is vitally important for immunity; many cases of allergies and asthma are rooted in poor gut health...Continue reading

Hey Laura, what can I do for my allergies when I’m breastfeeding?

A new mom writes:

Hey Laura, what are some natural allergy remedies that are safe for a breastfeeding mama? I usually have a ton of drugs to take for seasonal allergies and I want away from them in general, but really because I am breastfeeding too. :)

Being pregnant or nursing and sick is horrible! Not only is the toll on your body so much greater, there seems to be very little you can do to get relief without putting your baby in jeopardy!

Luckily, I have a few tricks up my sleeve that should help you get through hayfever season in relative comfort.

First of all, if you don’t already know this, Kellymom.com is your go-to website for all breastfeeding questions. It is an excellent...

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Hey Laura, what are some good supplements to take during and after pregnancy?

Kael’s Momma sent this one in and it’s a good one! What are some good prenatal and postpartum supplements?

******I’m not a doctor! I’m not even really an expert; I just pretend to be one for our mutual edification and entertainment. Don’t be stupid: Listen to the real experts in your life, including the truest authority on yourself: Your Self.*****

When you’re pregnant, good nutrition is more important than ever. But good nutrition can’t be gotten in a pill, and there’s some contention whether there’s any benefit at all to prenatal vitamins. Potent vitamin supplements can also exacerbate nausea, and some care providers recommend suspending your use of a vitamin until the first trimester...

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