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Review: Angelina Skincare

I posted last night about natural (mostly dietary) acne solutions, at at the very end I shared a The HeyLauraWhat Reader Coupon for 25% off your next purchase at Angelina Skincare, through the end of September. Just use the code “HeyLauraWhat” in the space provided during checkout, or mention it in-store.

I absolutely love Angelina’s stuff and fully intend to take advantage of the coupon code as well! She has a sweet little shop in downtown Bend - exactly what you might imagine an organic herbarium might look and smell like. Lavender drying from the rafters, rows and rows of dark glass bottles, and the coolest old-school cash register I’ve ever seen! If you are in Bend, you should...

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Hey Laura, how do I get rid of adult acne?

Kat writes:

I’m an almost 30 year old mom to two little girls.  And for some reason, I still get breakouts! Wasn’t that supposed to end in highschool???  Anyways, any perscription medication always said to ask a doctor if pregnant or nursing- I’m not pregnant, yet, but plan on having at least one more baby.  Plus, I’m trying to do everything a little more naturally.  Any tips on what to do with my blemishes?

Before you try anything else, a simple (if not easy) and safe solution may be to clean up your diet. We all know that what we put into our bodies affects what our bodies look like, and this rule includes the skin, not just the waistline!

Don’t be SAD
The Standard American Diet...

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Hey Laura, help a hairy woman out!

Last week, I got an amusing email with the subject line of “DON’T YOU DARE use my name! ROFL!”

I certainly will not betray my dear reader’s confidence, but isn’t it so indicative of our deep-rooted humiliation about this subject that we don’t want to admit it’s a problem?

Hey Laura! 
Facial hair has not been a problem for me, but ever since I have started to spend the majority of my time out of direct sun, I’m noticing that certain little patches of peach fuzz are darkening near the corners of my mouth.  Is there an effective cheap and natural way to help make this less noticeable?  I tweezed once and I’m not going to do that again (hello, darker little hairs). As I write you I am...

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CLOSED Contest! Zoe Organics bath and body goodness

This contest is now closed. The reviews are still relevant though!


This week I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing the baby line from Zoe Organics. As Heather is a long-time friend from high school, I got to try some of her very first test samples last year. But now she’s refined her formulas and has stunning new packaging and a gorgeous website, too. It has been wonderful to watch this dream of hers unfold, as she’s been incubating the natural spa items concept since as long as I’ve known her!

Here’s what Zoe Organics is all about:

Zoe means “life,” and our mission is to celebrate and protect the lives of our children, family, community and planet. Zoe Organics uses only the most...

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Hey Laura, what’s an effective shampoo and conditioner without all the “bad stuff”?

Oh man, when this email popped into my inbox, I knew I was in for it. Hallie is, in my mind, already the pinnacle of “natural hippie girl,” and her question is one that has plagued me for several years!

Was this question going to force me to close my business as Your Expert, or would my enviable Googling skills pay off yet again?

Hallie wrote:

Dear Laura,
I want to use shampoo without tons of bad stuff but I get so overwhelmed trying to figure out what ingredients are no-no, and by the prices on the natural shampoos, I give up. Also I have NEVER found a natural conditioner that ACTUALLY makes my hair manageable, and once again, I don’t want to spend $200 trying different ones until I find...

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