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Hey Laura, what can I do for my infant’s digestive issues?

Harmony writes:

Dear Laura, my 2-week old daughter is projectile vomiting and is awake for about four hours a night in pain, what do I do?

This is very familiar territory for me, as a mom of two babies with food intolerances. Can I just say right off that I don’t buy the “Happy Spitter” theory? That if your baby vomits all the time but is gaining weight that it’s “A laundry issue, not a medical issue”?

If your baby’s body is rejecting sustenance, there is likely something wrong and long-term GI damage is most likely occurring.

Take action now and avoid prolonged health issues. Gut health is vitally important for immunity; many cases of allergies and asthma are rooted in poor gut health...Continue reading

Hey Laura, what do I need to get started cloth diapering?

Carissa writes:

Hey Laura!

Now that you’re on child #2 in cloth diapers, what types and brands do you recommend? Also, are cloth wipes a given if you’re using cloth diapers? Finally, do you have a favorite soap for cleaning the diapers?

So far, I think the AI2 is the diaper for us, and I want to try five types: Thirsties Duo, FuzziBunz, BumGenius 3.0, Flip, and SoftBums.

One more question: the one-size diaper would definitely be the most cost-effective, if it really fit for three years. Has this been your experience?

Now, Carissa is already planning on cloth diapering, so I’m going to spare you the story of my own conversion and my own cloth diapering evangelism speech. But if any...

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Hey Laura, how can I boost my immunity?

Ashley writes:

What do you do when when you or a family member are starting to feel sick? I know there are foods that can boost immunity and ways to help our bodies heal themselves. Please share your best tips and concoctions!

As you may well imagine, I am a huge advocate of equipping the body to fight its own battles. The symptoms that most over-the-counter cold and flu medications “fight” are the very tools your body is using to rid yourself of the disease! Fevers, sinus drainage, and even feeling icky all have an important role to play in your recovery. The less you try to suppress them, (for the most part) the better.

Here’s what we are doing right now at my house to make sure the...

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Hey Laura, what can I do for my allergies when I’m breastfeeding?

A new mom writes:

Hey Laura, what are some natural allergy remedies that are safe for a breastfeeding mama? I usually have a ton of drugs to take for seasonal allergies and I want away from them in general, but really because I am breastfeeding too. :)

Being pregnant or nursing and sick is horrible! Not only is the toll on your body so much greater, there seems to be very little you can do to get relief without putting your baby in jeopardy!

Luckily, I have a few tricks up my sleeve that should help you get through hayfever season in relative comfort.

First of all, if you don’t already know this, Kellymom.com is your go-to website for all breastfeeding questions. It is an excellent...

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Hey Laura, what are some good supplements to take during and after pregnancy?

Kael’s Momma sent this one in and it’s a good one! What are some good prenatal and postpartum supplements?

******I’m not a doctor! I’m not even really an expert; I just pretend to be one for our mutual edification and entertainment. Don’t be stupid: Listen to the real experts in your life, including the truest authority on yourself: Your Self.*****

When you’re pregnant, good nutrition is more important than ever. But good nutrition can’t be gotten in a pill, and there’s some contention whether there’s any benefit at all to prenatal vitamins. Potent vitamin supplements can also exacerbate nausea, and some care providers recommend suspending your use of a vitamin until the first trimester...

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