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Snippets: The link between dairy and ear infections

Jen was wondering about the connection between dairy and ear infections, so I pulled a few links for her. It’s late and I’m tired (and this is a Snippet), so I didn’t go all out, but there’s enough to get her started here.

Article outlining the link between milk allergy and chronic ear infections, stating that “Up to 40 percent of kids who suffer from chronic ear infections has a milk allergy.”

Lots of compelling reasons to drop dairy from your kid’s diet.

Some alternative treatments for ear infections including cutting out dairy and (a HLW favorite!) using garlic drops!

Don’t kids need dairy in order to be healthy?

Here are some nondairy calcium sources. (More advice here.)


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Hey Laura, are cloth diapers really more environmentally friendly?

Sonja writes:

Although it is too late for me, I have always wondered if cloth diapers are really more environmentally friendly than disposable due to the cleaning process.  What about unbleached disposable vs. cloth.

My short answer to Sonja’s question is YES.

Sierra Magazine’s Mr. Green (he’s like HeyLauraWhat’s brother for all environmental issues! Love him!) has a great article discussing the water issue. In short, he estimates that “the entire process of washing diapers from birth to the joyful day of completion of potty-training will take roughly 24,000 gallons.” And that’s a very liberal estimate, assuming, among other things, a standard 40-gallon per cycle washer - difficult to...

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CLOSED Contest! Zoe Organics bath and body goodness

This contest is now closed. The reviews are still relevant though!


This week I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing the baby line from Zoe Organics. As Heather is a long-time friend from high school, I got to try some of her very first test samples last year. But now she’s refined her formulas and has stunning new packaging and a gorgeous website, too. It has been wonderful to watch this dream of hers unfold, as she’s been incubating the natural spa items concept since as long as I’ve known her!

Here’s what Zoe Organics is all about:

Zoe means “life,” and our mission is to celebrate and protect the lives of our children, family, community and planet. Zoe Organics uses only the most...

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Hey Laura, how do I get my 8 month old to sleep longer?

Jaime writes:

I am staunch attachment parent advocate. Love the co-sleeping, baby-wearing, no CIO philosophy. That said-I have a 7.5 month old that seems to be no closer to sleeping through the night than he was at birth. I have put him in his own bed and he wakes up within an hour. Next to me he may make it 2 or sometimes 3. Help! I love my little chubbers, but mama needs some sleep!

Ironically, my progress in responding to this question has been interrupted 3 times now by my nearly-5 month old waking up! :)

I think I’ve linked to my favorite parenting advice blog of all time, AskMoxie.org. Man, she (along with her awesome community of commenters) has saved my sanity many a time! It was...

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Snippets: Hyperactive toddler

Harmony just had a baby and her (still-also-nursing) 2 year old daughter is going a bit crazy in the transition. While a lot of the manic energy and behavioral issues can be explained away by all the upheaval in their home right now, Harmony’s gut feeling is that there is a nutritional element involved as well. Since Harmony’s family eats very clean already (very little refined flours and sugar, small amounts of organic dairy), she asked me to look into what happens to kiddos when they are overdosing on fruit. Here’s what I found and emailed back to her.

The fruit thing you’re probably thinking of is salicylates - naturally occurring chemicals in…pretty much everything. NOT fun to try to...

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Snippets: Night-time diaper solution

Occasionally, friends will find me on Facebook or chat and we’ll have a real-time advise session. Most of the information I pass along is off the top of my head without much intensive research to back it up, but still a useful starting point for further information-gathering. I’m posting these Snippets (with permission of course!) to HeyLauraWhat.com for future reference for everyone.

I have a child that can fill up a diaper with pee in 10 seconds… I am using 7th generation chlorine free, any ideas on how to keep him from blowing out diapers at night? I am SLOWLY starting potty training also SO I am having fun times… and lots of bed washing…

CLOTH! :) :)

7th Generation...

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Hey Laura, my doctor told me to wean my 18 month old

A friend writes:

So, at my son’s 18 month checkup, my doctor told me that there’s no point in nursing anymore because “don’t you know there’s no nutritional value to him anymore?” I was irritated because I’m pretty sure that’s not water coming out of my boobs! But I don’t have anything to back me up on that and hope you can help. Also, what are the nutritional needs of a toddler anyway? He eats well, but I definitely rely on nursing him to fill in the gaps. What will he need if/when he does wean? By the way, we’re mostly vegan but for an egg here and there.

Allow me to clamber up on my soapbox and rant a bit. It absolutely infuriates me to hear about doctors making offhand comments that...

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