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Hey Laura, tell me about Manuka honey

I’m researching Manuka Honey, as the next thing I want to add to our daily health regimen and medicine cabinet. I already know that raw honey is a powerful antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-fungal, antibiotic…pretty much it’s a super hero in your cupboard! Manuka honey is even more powerful because it is especially high in the antibacterial component methylglyoxal. I want to upgrade to Manuka honey for immune boosting purposes; I’ll keep our local raw honey for eating (it’s relatively cheaper), but I’m hoping my children will take to Manuka honey better than spoonfuls of cod liver oil (although, I must say one of them actually loves her fish oil!).

Manuka honey is made from the flowers of...

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Recipe - ACV Health Tonic

If you’re a hippie-health type person, you probably already suffer through your daily dose of apple cider vinegar. If you’re a parent, you’ve probably tried unsuccessfully to make your gagging kiddos quaff it down as well.


Well, there’s this whole thing about your body’s pH level. You want it to be alkaline, because that’s correlated with better immune function and overall general health. (Low alkaline levels were connected to inflammatory bowel disease, in this study, and immune function was impaired by acid pH levels in this study.)

You can read a bigger overview of the “Whys” as well as a list of acid-forming and alkaline-forming foods right here.

Your body maintains a...

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Snippets: Treat “pink-eye” conjunctivitis without antibiotics

School has started, Fall has fallen, and it’s time to start preparing for the onslaught of annoying little illnesses that get passed around so easily. Pink-eye is one of the most popular, right?

I’m suuuuper susceptible to conjunctivitis. I had a raging, double-eye case of it when I was about 12 (after a week of sleep-away horse camp with no running water), and ever since, my body has leapt upon every chance to re-experience that hell. Any time my immune system is compromised, I have to be on the guard for a big flare up.

I’m also not a fan of antibiotics, as you know. The drops used to treat pink-eye are pretty benign, but why bother getting a prescription when you can use an extremely...

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A gentle, natural cold and cough arsenal

My whole family has been varying degrees of sick this week.

My 6 year old kicked it off with a crazy, croup-like cough that kept us both up basically all night the first night. Honestly, nothing I tried worked for her that night (and believe me, I subjected her to all kinds of crazy stuff!). Cold air from the open window alternating with the warm moist air from a bowl of steaming water helped keep the cough at bay for about 10 minutes at a time. But that was it. It was a long, long night.

The next day, I called my naturopath who said, “Yup, it’s a nasty cough that has lingered for a lot of my patients. Keep doing what you’re doing!” Not the panacea I was hoping to get from her, but...

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Hey Laura, Should I Eat my Placenta?!

In a word: YES.

In several more words: Why not? It probably can’t hurt, and it might really help you!

I am a huge, huge proponent of postpartum placentophagy, based on my own experience with it after my second birth.

The proposed benefits of placentophagy that are most often listed are:
- accelerated milk production
- faster healing
- reduced hormonal mood swings
- increased energy
- reduced postpartum bleeding
- preventative for baby blues and PPD

This is going to be a link-free post, because there’s no substantial scientific research on human placentophagy. However, the anecdotal evidence is overwhelmingly positive. Yes, you’ll find sensationalized anti-placenta articles here and...

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Snippets: Tylenol and Asthma Risks

I just ran across this article in Pediatrics magazine, further establishing the link between the use of acetaminophen and the asthma epidemic in the US.

If you or your kids are at risk (ie: have a family history of, or other significant contributing factors - like food allergies) for asthma, you would do well to find another fever and pain reducer.

In my house, we use the homeopathic remedy by HomeoLab called Kids Relief Pain and Fever Oral Solution. It doesn’t work for every single type of ache or pain (homeopathic remedies are very specific that way), but more often than not, it is just as effective as an OTC drug.

Read the full article of The Association of Acetaminophen and Asthma...

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Hey Laura, what are some natural solutions for cold sores?

Leila writes:

What do you recommend doing about Cold sores?

Any recommendations on how to prevent them? Or what works the best to heal them? I usually get them when I’m super stressed and tired. Thus my immune system is down and the virus has a chance to come up and show symptoms on my lip/mouth area.



If you want to do some major reading, here is an extensive article on natural remedies for cold sores like managing your Lysine/Arginine ratios (helpful food chart included), using Zinc or Lemon Balm, and improving your diet to increase immunity.

Someone has already done most of the work for me with this entry on Health911.com. It reviews the typical causes of cold sore...

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