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Hey Laura, what’s a natural treatment for yeast infections?

“Itchy Cootchie” writes:

Is there an effective natural way to combat yeast infections? I don’t like the idea of sticking nasty chemicals You-Know-Where, but I also cannot live with days and days of the Crotch Rot while waiting for ACV swabs or yogurt suppositories to take effect!

Hee hee. Thanks, Itchy Cootchie, for giving me a giggle - and the opportunity to post in the Lady Bits category again! Let me see if I can help. Remember, I’m not a doctor! I only pretend to be an expert on the online. You should definitely be talking to your OB about your private pain here; self-diagnosis in this case can sometimes be sketchy, and should you self-treat for the wrong condition, you could be...

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Hey Laura, what can I do about diaper rash?

Beth writes:

What do I do about the diaper rash on my baby’s bum?  I’ve heard the zinc oxide creams will leave ugly stains on my cloth diapers plus buildup, so what do you recommend?  I’m not sure why he’s got the rash—I change the diapers frequently and it doesn’t look like a yeast infection.  Plus, it doesn’t seem to matter if I use cloth or disposable diapers.  I guess he’s just got a deep butt crack (sounds horrible!) and it’s a challenge to keep dry.  I’m trying to air it out whenever I change him, but obviously I don’t want to wait around in the middle of the night too often.  Anyway, just wondered if you had a cream that might work.

Diaper rash is par for the course in just about...

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CLOSED: Contest! Method Multi-Surface Spray


Woo hoo! The kind folk at method sent me a box of 8 Multi-Surface Cleaner sprays to give away to my readers!

I’ve been a fan of method since their very early days; a method advocate before they even started their “People Against Dirty” program!

In 2002, when Karim Rashid first started working with their bottle design, I read an article about method in How magazine - a design industry rag. Being a sucker for great design, I bought my first bottle of method (then called all-purpose) spray in the French Lavender scent.

I went home and cleaned my counters with it. It smelled lovely! I enjoyed cleaning with it so much that I found myself searching out other...

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Review: Angelina Skincare

I posted last night about natural (mostly dietary) acne solutions, at at the very end I shared a The HeyLauraWhat Reader Coupon for 25% off your next purchase at Angelina Skincare, through the end of September. Just use the code “HeyLauraWhat” in the space provided during checkout, or mention it in-store.

I absolutely love Angelina’s stuff and fully intend to take advantage of the coupon code as well! She has a sweet little shop in downtown Bend - exactly what you might imagine an organic herbarium might look and smell like. Lavender drying from the rafters, rows and rows of dark glass bottles, and the coolest old-school cash register I’ve ever seen! If you are in Bend, you should...

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Hey Laura, what can I do for my painful periods?

Anonymous writes:

I read somewhere that there’s no medical/health reason for a woman to have a period every month.  Even one of the nurses at my gyno’s office mentioned that she just takes her birth control pills continuously so as not to have one.  I can’t put my finger on why, but this seems strange and wrong to me.  However, I have nothing to back my opinion except that that’s how women were designed and it’s best not mess with Design (and maybe that should be reason enough).  I have never taken my pills continuously, though it’s extremely tempting as my period wrecks havoc on my whole body.  Every month I get sick to my stomach, lose my appetite, and energy, and get cramps...

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Hey Laura, help a hairy woman out!

Last week, I got an amusing email with the subject line of “DON’T YOU DARE use my name! ROFL!”

I certainly will not betray my dear reader’s confidence, but isn’t it so indicative of our deep-rooted humiliation about this subject that we don’t want to admit it’s a problem?

Hey Laura! 
Facial hair has not been a problem for me, but ever since I have started to spend the majority of my time out of direct sun, I’m noticing that certain little patches of peach fuzz are darkening near the corners of my mouth.  Is there an effective cheap and natural way to help make this less noticeable?  I tweezed once and I’m not going to do that again (hello, darker little hairs). As I write you I am...

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Snippets: The link between dairy and ear infections

Jen was wondering about the connection between dairy and ear infections, so I pulled a few links for her. It’s late and I’m tired (and this is a Snippet), so I didn’t go all out, but there’s enough to get her started here.

Article outlining the link between milk allergy and chronic ear infections, stating that “Up to 40 percent of kids who suffer from chronic ear infections has a milk allergy.”

Lots of compelling reasons to drop dairy from your kid’s diet.

Some alternative treatments for ear infections including cutting out dairy and (a HLW favorite!) using garlic drops!

Don’t kids need dairy in order to be healthy?

Here are some nondairy calcium sources. (More advice here.)


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