The Beginning of the End

It’s time for me to retire from HeyLauraWhat.

No doubt this doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has followed my blog for the past couple of years, as the frequency of my posts has been dwindling steadily since 2012.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to take the site down - you can still find what you need here. (And I’ll keep my FB page up so that I can link items of interest or pop in and say hello.) But I have other pursuits right now that are taking precedence over HLW and I need to fully let go here so that I can focus my energy and attention where it’s needed.

What other pursuits? So glad you asked! :)

Marriage Startup Podcast

The podcast with real help for relationships that are “married to the work:” Whether it’s a startup, entrepreneurship, parenthood, or all of the above.

My husband, Leslie Camacho, and I are already into season two of our podcast together. It’s an exploration of our own marriage and how we are working to improve it amidst the demands of also being entrepreneurs and parents. This isn’t a prescriptive “marriage advice show.” It’s us, in trenches, working out our Stuff together in real time. There are some really raw moments and a lot of growth and joy. There’s not much out there like it. I hope you will listen!

Wild Goose Guidance

Using a combination of animal folklore and natural history, intuitive writing, and her own wisdom and experience, Laura weaves together a message of hope, healing, and helpful advice.

If you took out the research and practical advice aspects of HLW and added in a lot of spiritual and emotional direction and a little bit of Woo, you’d get what I’m doing now. WGG is in the same vein of helping people, but instead of using my spiritual gift of Google, I’m using my spiritual gifts of prophecy and wisdom. It’s a project I’m passionate about - I hope you will check it out!

Before I go, I am going to run one last little contest/giveaway, of sorts. Stay tuned for that; it’s going to be fun!

Thank you all for a great run on this blog. I have loved researching and answering your questions over the years. I’ve learned a lot because of you!

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