The Last Hurrah - a Huge Giveaway!

One of my favorite parts of running HeyLauraWhat was the giveaways. I had so much fun sampling and reviewing stuff, and then mailing it out to you all. I think the most epic was the flip & tumble bags; what an incredibly generous company!

For my parting gift, I want to do another giveaway - the kind that keeps on giving.

I’ve mentioned casually over the years my affinity for the Young Living essential oils. A few years ago, I signed up as a wholesale member so I could get the better prices and cheaper shipping fees, but I have never really wanted to market them in order to grow a business. I have other things I’m more interested in growing. ;)

But! My friend Marisa is running a little promotion right now and I have her permission to share it here and piggyback onto it to see if there’s anyone who has been considering signing up with Young Living and needs an extra little push to make the commitment.

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Marisa’s promo is that the first 5 people to sign up for Essential Rewards (that means committing to ordering $50/month of essential oils and natural living products - it’s only “hard” to do because you’re going to want to buy so. much. more.) will get a free copy of The Chemical Free Home. This is a fabulous little book full of instructions for how to use and combine various essential oils. From nontoxic cleaning solutions, to bath and beauty products, and heath and wellness support, this booklet has tried and true recipes. (Click on the image to the left for a look at the table of contents.)

I’m going to sweeten the deal. The first 5 people to join Young Living simply as a wholesale member (converting to an Essential Rewards member is optional, with me, but I’m pretty sure you’ll end up wanting to eventually!) between now and June 3 will receive a gift box from me with a variety of DIY products that I love to make with my oils. Immunity-building foot rub, soothing bath soak, yummy smelling air freshener, restorative face oil…those are some of the ideas I have running through my head. It’s going to be great.

So, if you join as a wholesale member, you’ll get the gift box. If you join Essential Rewards, not only will you get all the samples, you’ll also get the book from Marisa with all the recipes. It’s a perfect introduction to the wonderful world of essential oil use.

Ready to join? Sign up here. (Here’s a handy walkthrough of the signup process, if you get stuck.)

Why would I want to become a wholesale member?
Because you save a heck of a lot of money this way. Wholesale members save 24% over retail customers. The only requirement to be a wholesale member is to spend a minimum of $50 on oils per year (which is super easy to do). The startup kit that you purchase to become a wholesale member will cover that cost, so you’re good to go for the whole first year.

I actually recommend that people purchase the Premium Starter Kit. It’s $150, but it includes a really good diffuser, a bunch of sample packets, and the following bottles of oils:
Peace & Calming®
Melaleuca Arternifolia

This is an amazing deal. You can’t buy all these things separately for this price. The diffuser (which you are totally going to want/need), if you purchased it alone, would be $117. The Frankincense alone is $55, Peace & Calming $40…You get the idea.

The Everyday Oils in the Starter Kit are some of my very favorite and most-used. They smell amazing and are incredibly versatile. And, they are what I’m going to be using in my gift box, so you will not only have a sample, but you’ll have the recipe and the ingredients to make your own!

(Have I convinced you yet? Sign up here.)

Why would I want to join Essential Rewards?
The Essential Rewards program is a monthly autoship commitment that gives you a low shipping flat rate and points for purchases.

With Essential Rewards, your commitment jumps from $50/year to $50/month. That may feel like a lot, and it may not be right for everyone. But if you are putting essential oils to good use in your home, you’ll be spending an average of $50 a month on oils anyway - except usually all at once, like at tax return time.

However, if you purchase your oils without the benefit of the Essential Rewards bonuses, you’re spending more on shipping and you aren’t earning points toward free oils. When you’re not an Essential Rewards member, you’re literally losing money with each order, after that first Startup Kit purchase.

You don’t have to sign up for Essential Rewards right away. But if you love the Everyday Oils in your Starter Kit, as soon as you find yourself running out of them, you should absolutely sign up for Essential Rewards. Within five months, you can use your $50 autoship commitment to replace your entire Starter Kit, with bigger bottles of oil.

I made you a handy little purchase guide. It’s really this easy.

(If the Essential Rewards program makes financial sense for you, hop aboard here and follow the optional Essential Rewards instructions.)

If I join as either type of member, do I have start selling essential oils to all my friends?
No! No, you do not have to partake in any type of marketing or selling of the oils. That is not for everyone, I know!

When you are a Wholesale Member or have joined Essential Rewards, though, you have the ability to sign up new members with your own ID number. So, when someone walks into your house and smells the Joy diffusing, or when someone asks you how to make that amazing germ-fighting spray you used to clean your keyboard, you can help them get ahold of the raw materials to make their own! When someone becomes a member and credits your ID number, you will get a little bit of credit for their purchases, which goes toward building up your Essential Rewards points balance and even the option of a commission check in the mail.

Some people take Essential Rewards a lot farther than that and there is a legitimate opportunity to make a lot of money. But you don’t have to. The system is set up so that you can still benefit from being a member, even if you don’t involve anyone else in your oily ways. ;)

So, ready for an awesome essential oil gift box?!

Sign up here. (Here’s a handy walkthrough of the signup process, if you get stuck.)

When your signup info comes through, I’ll email you and get your mailing address so I can send your package ASAP!

Hey Laura, I think... The Last Hurrah - a Huge Giveaway!

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