The Fluffiest (vegan!) Pancakes Ever!

I have been a great source of consternation to my family for the past year of pancake breakfasts. See, I just never bother to write down the recipe. I just sort of put whatever flours I feel like into my Vitamix and whiz them up with enough liquids and an egg or two to make a serviceable batter.

Most of the time, the results weren’t that bad. Sometimes they were great, and only very rarely I’d have to throw a whole batch away and start over.

But there was no consistency, because I never found anything that was really worth making again. Even if they were good at breakfast, the pancakes didn’t keep well. They were also never fluffy “diner style” pancakes. Not always a lead brick, but usually a very solid slab.

All that to say, you can imagine my family’s relief and rejoicing when I stumbled upon a recipe for “Eggless Pancakes (easy, soft and fluffy)” from a food blog called Rak’s Kitchen.

Even I was rhapsodizing about these pancakes. They are amazing! Furthermore, they stay soft and fluffy even after you store them on the counter for the day’s snacks - or even freeze them and reheat them in the toaster!

After making the recipe exactly as Rak wrote it, I modified it for my family’s dietary preferences. I substituted white whole wheat flour, eliminated the sugar, and used water for half of the milk. The pancakes are still perfect.

Here’s my recipe for…

Perfect Pancakes

(makes between 9-12 medium sized pancakes)
2 cups white whole wheat flour
1 tsp salt
2 Tbs baking powder
1 cup water *
1 cup milk (we use unsweetened vanilla almond milk)
1 Tbs oil **

* You may need a bit more for the whole wheat flour; add extra liquid if the batter is more like pudding than thick soup.
** I once melted some coconut oil in the microwave and forgot about it. It never went into the batter and they turned out fine just the same; however, I see nothing wrong with a little oil, and they are certainly better with it!

Start by putting a large cast iron skillet to heat on low for 5 minutes.

Whisk everything together and let it sit for 10 minutes. This is important! It’s what makes your pancakes fluffy - all that baking soda needs some time to create a sponge batter.

When you set your batter aside to rest, turn off the stove.

After 10 minutes are up, heat the skillet on medium, spray or wipe the pan with a little oil, and pour (or spoon) batter onto your skillet. (This heating-up rigamarole will help your pan heat evenly, creating a uniformly cooked pancake.)

As with any pancake, you know it’s time to flip when the edges start to look a little dry and the majority of the bubbles on top have popped. Flip ‘em and only let them cook for another minute, at most.

Serve with peanut butter, maple syrup, and an over easy egg on top. Mmmmm. My family thinks that’s gross, but it is my favorite way to enjoy pancakes!

We also like to add a little cornstarch to our frozen berries as we heat them up on the stove. The cornstarch thickens the juice and makes it more like “berry syrup” - which is what I’ve conned my kids into thinking it is.

(In case you’re wondering, this recipe works pretty well in the waffle iron, too, although the fluffy aspect is lost. The resulting waffles are passable, but pedestrian. Nothing like the delight of pancake form.)

Hey Laura, I think... The Fluffiest (vegan!) Pancakes Ever!

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