Snippets: Treat “pink-eye” conjunctivitis without antibiotics

School has started, Fall has fallen, and it’s time to start preparing for the onslaught of annoying little illnesses that get passed around so easily. Pink-eye is one of the most popular, right?

I’m suuuuper susceptible to conjunctivitis. I had a raging, double-eye case of it when I was about 12 (after a week of sleep-away horse camp with no running water), and ever since, my body has leapt upon every chance to re-experience that hell. Any time my immune system is compromised, I have to be on the guard for a big flare up.

I’m also not a fan of antibiotics, as you know. The drops used to treat pink-eye are pretty benign, but why bother getting a prescription when you can use an extremely effective home remedy?!

When I’m lactating, breastmilk is my #1 favorite remedy for eye infections. It’s very gentle, easy to dispense, and comes out at the perfect temperature.

However, if you aren’t currently nursing or if members of your family are squeamish about your body’s own Miracle Cure (hint: express into a jar and never ever tell them what it is), the #2 most effective remedy that I have found is colloidal silver.

A somewhat controversial substance, it’s hard to find any information on colloidal silver that strikes a middle ground. Mostly you hear people raving about how it has cured them of Everything!, or people warning about heavy metal accumulation and agryia.

Used in moderation, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with colloidal silver. I routinely use it to boost immunity during cold and flu season, and have used it in my eyes for pink-eye when I’m not lactating. 

Remember to help your body fight pink-eye by boosting your immunity. Extra rest, water, and vitamins C and D are the no-brainers. Take your garlic (or drink Terrible Tea) and cod liver oil (the Vitamin A in cod liver oil is especially important for eye health. Take a probiotic (I love Tummy Tuneup) to keep your gut healthy - your intestines are the foundation of your immune system!


Hey Laura, I think... Snippets: Treat “pink-eye” conjunctivitis without antibiotics

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