Snippets: The end of the WLC

As we were entering week 4 of the Whole Life Challenge, Leslie and I decided to call it off.

It wasn’t doing anything for us. No amazing energy boosts, no weight loss, no change in body composition, nada. Nothing as promised.

It’s possible that because we already eat so similarly to the WLC dietary restrictions, that our bodies didn’t even notice a difference. (I also am so strung out on sleep deprivation and nursing, that the hormones aren’t letting my body let go of anything.) I certainly didn’t experience any of the “withdrawal” symptoms that the WLC literature warns about. Leslie had a couple days of cravings, but nothing huge. He said he actually just felt hungry and unfulfilled most of the time, despite the uptick in animal protein and fats. Both of us were getting really tired of food.

Since we aren’t Pharisaical about these sorts of things, we don’t feel badly about abandoning ship. And anyway, we’re not really abandoning ship at all - just steering it in a new direction.

Last week, Leslie had an appointment with our Naturopath, and in the course of their conversation, she told him about the eating plan that she’s trying out and recommending to her patients. It’s called the Fast Metabolism Diet. It has similar dietary restrictions as the WLC (no dairy, no gluten grains, no refined sugars), but the twist is that it rotates the types of foods you’re eating throughout the week, supposedly to jumpstart your metabolism:

PHASE ONE (Monday-Tuesday): Lots of carbs and fruits
PHASE TWO (Wednesday-Thursday): Lots of proteins and veggies
PHASE THREE (Friday-Saturday-Sunday): All of the above, plus healthy fats and oils

Neither one of us is big into “dieting,” but my husband is a huge geek, and apparently right now he’s fixated on body hacks - how can he manipulate different factors to get different outcomes. The Whole Life Challenge was a bust; let’s move on to the next big idea: Rotational Menus.

And of course, I’m game! I was enjoying the WLC for the structure it was giving my menu planning, and the way it was expanding my kitchen repertoire. The menu planning for the Fast Metabolism way of eating will be even more structured, since there is a protocol for what should be emphasized on certain days.

I’ve requested the book (The Fast Metabolism Diet: Eat More Food and Lose More Weight) and companion cookbook (The Fast Metabolism Diet Cookbook: Eat Even More Food and Lose Even More Weight) from our library and am going to study up this week while Leslie’s on a business trip. We’ll begin next week.

What about you all? Are you playing around with your eating habits, or any other health habits? Seeing any results yet? If not, don’t be afraid to change things! It’s too easy to get caught up on legalism when it comes to various lifestyle changes, because the marketing is always the same: “This is the Way, the Only Way.” When really, the way is up to you and what makes your body, mind, and spirit feel its most spectacular!


Hey Laura, I think... Snippets: The end of the WLC

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