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Harmony just had a baby and her (still-also-nursing) 2 year old daughter is going a bit crazy in the transition. While a lot of the manic energy and behavioral issues can be explained away by all the upheaval in their home right now, Harmony’s gut feeling is that there is a nutritional element involved as well. Since Harmony’s family eats very clean already (very little refined flours and sugar, small amounts of organic dairy), she asked me to look into what happens to kiddos when they are overdosing on fruit. Here’s what I found and emailed back to her.

The fruit thing you’re probably thinking of is salicylates - naturally occurring chemicals in…pretty much everything. NOT fun to try to eliminate!

The Feingold organization kind of spear-headed the “food intolerances contribute to behavioral issues” thing back in the 70s. Most of their stuff is not well supported by clinical studies but VERY highly supported by anecdotal evidence with ADD/ADHD as well as autism kids. Feingold has parents eliminate artificial sweeteners, flavors, and colors, salicylates, and very often dairy and gluten.

The most helpful site about salicylates is here.

Based on my very brief reading tonight, here’s what I’d recommend (keeping in mind I’m not a doctor!):

1. Take her off all the high- and moderate-salicylate containing foods for one week.

2. Get her on a probiotic at least twice a day

3. Perhaps take her off dairy, if you can stand it.

Here is a list of foods that have low and negligible amounts of salicylates, to use as a guide for what to feed her. (This is my source. There’s another useful one here.)

Pear (ripe and PEELED)

fresh (not dried) beans
split green peas
lentils (brown and red) (BUT NO CURRY!!)
iceburg lettuce
white potatoes (peeled)
brussels sprouts
green beans
onion, leeks, shallots
yellow split peas

Poppy seeds
sunflower seeds

maple syrup
white sugar
(NO HONEY OR LICORICE - they are very high!!)

Anything but corn/maize, although I’d minimize gluten if you can, since that’s a big ADHD trigger as well.

Anything but prepared/processed/seasoned meats

The fruit thing will be the hardest, since she is used to eating quite a lot of it! Hopefully you will see results fast.

One thing you should definitely try, as it takes very little effort and energy, and I realize those are in short supply for you, is Mind-soothe - a children’s homeopathic remedy that “Promotes emotional balance and stability in children, supports calm and balanced moods, and facilitates a well-adjusted outlook and reasonable attitude.” There’s another one called BrightSpark that “relieves hyperactivity, distractibility and impulsiveness in children” and another called “K-OK Kiddie Calmer” for “restlessness, nervousness and agitation.”

I’d never heard of this company before and I’m very intrigued by their formulations. Let me know how they work!

Apart from any possible food issues, her world is upside down right now with the new baby and suddenly sharing you. It’s probably not just the food. I hope it helps, but know that time is your best friend here. Oh, other than me. :)

Hey Laura, I think... Snippets: Hyperactive toddler

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