Review - Mrs. Meyer’s Counter Spray

I recently had the opportunity to sample some Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products. I have such an affinity for those cute little sample packets! Aren’t they pretty?

I passed out samples amongst friends, neighbors, and local HLW community members, and then sprayed my sticky counters down with the Basil scented Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Countertop Spray (that’s an affiliate link, there).

The scent was…overpowering. Whew! It was pleasant, and not terribly fake and chemically, but it was strong; too strong for me. Furthermore, it lingered. Even after I wiped the counters and cupboards down with a damp rag to remove the residue, the scent permeated the whole house for almost 12 hours. I like the smell of a clean house, but this spray was too perfumey for me.

I have received feedback from others, and they say they love it. So it’s definitely a personal matter!

I loved the Geranium hand soap. That’s always been a favorite of mine. We are about finished with the bottle in the bathroom, and I’m considering re-purchasing it.

Overall, the Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products are effective. The countertop spray did a nice job of dissolving some of the sticky gunk that my three kids leave all over the kitchen counters and cupboards. And while the scent was too strong for big jobs, I did find that a spritz of it in the sink every night keeps things smelling nice and fresh. And believe me, I really need that now that my eldest daughter has discovered an affinity for sardines!

If you’ve seen Mrs. Meyer’s on the shelf and ever wondered if they’re worth it - they are. These are natural, non-toxic, good-smelling cleaning products that really are effective. I definitely recommend them.

**While the products I reviewed were given to me for free, my opinions are my own.**


Hey Laura, I think... Review - Mrs. Meyer’s Counter Spray

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