Review - Barbara’s Snackimals cereal

A few weeks ago, I received samples of Barbara’s new Organic Snackimals breakfast cereal to review on HLW. Since we are a mostly no-cereal household, my kids were thrilled to “have” to do taste tests!


While Snackimals are still cereal, they’re about as “good for you” as breakfast cereal can get without turning into cardboard. Organic, non-GMO, and containing only 7 grams of sugar, with cute shapes to boot, this cereal is bound to be a family favorite.

The Vanilla Blast was my 4 year old’s favorite flavor, while the 7.5 year old and I preferred the Cinnamon Crunch. I’ve never been able to stomach chocolate at breakfast, but let me tell you, the Chocolate Crisp flavor was an amazing evening snack - especially with a spoonful of peanut butter mixed in; talk about indulgent!

These Snackimals rescued us on a recent hike. We were about a mile from trail’s end, the kids were lagging and in desperate need of a pickup. I had a ziploc bag of Vanilla Blast Snackimals left from our snack bag. I handed them out one by one and asked my kids to channel the animal energy within the cereal piece as they ate it.

“Elephant power!” My kids shouted, and raced off down the trail, stomping like elephants.

“It’s a bear! Grawr!” They lumbered up the last hill with far more alacrity than usual.

While I still won’t purchase cereal on a regular basis, I know that Barbara’s Snackimals will be on my short list for a “sugary cereal” treat.

Hey Laura, I think... Review - Barbara’s Snackimals cereal

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