Review: Angelina Skincare

I posted last night about natural (mostly dietary) acne solutions, at at the very end I shared a The HeyLauraWhat Reader Coupon for 25% off your next purchase at Angelina Skincare, through the end of September. Just use the code “HeyLauraWhat” in the space provided during checkout, or mention it in-store.

I absolutely love Angelina’s stuff and fully intend to take advantage of the coupon code as well! She has a sweet little shop in downtown Bend - exactly what you might imagine an organic herbarium might look and smell like. Lavender drying from the rafters, rows and rows of dark glass bottles, and the coolest old-school cash register I’ve ever seen! If you are in Bend, you should definitely go in and play with the samples: 525 Hill Street, just past the Franklin underpass.

If you aren’t local to Bend, here are some of my favorite items that I highly recommend.

Rose & Cardamom Foaming Face Wash - This stuff smells like that delicious Indian dessert, Gulab Jamun. It’s such a sensory treat every day in the shower and leaves my face clean but not overdried.

Goji Mate Ultralight Face Lotion - I use this every day. It has a slightly grassy scent which I find very refreshing. It smoothes in quickly and keeps my face soft all day with no need to reapply. It has approximately 20 SPF, which is great for incidental sun exposure.

Vasanti Aroma For Life Mist - I took this spray with me when I was in labor. It has ginger and peppermint oils in it, so it’s very refreshing, but it also manages to be totally relaxing as well. It makes a great linen spray, but I usually just close my eyes and mist it right onto my neck and face when I need a little pick-me-up. (The Samadhi scent is also incredible.)

Vata Calendula Body Baulm - This sexy, sultry body lotion smells incredible. Angelina sources a super high quality sandalwood that is like no other sandalwood scent you’ve ever encountered. If you like rich, complex, spicy scents, this is totally the lotion for you. It goes on smooth and leaves a trace of a glisten for about 10 minutes before it’s totally absorbed. The scent remains (though not as strong) for about half a day.

Skin Doctor - Angelina’s best seller and hands down the most effective solution I’ve found for cracking heels and rough, scaly hands. I’ve even used it on my chapped lips and my daughter’s chlorine-battered face. It is fantastic!

Angelina sends out a monthly email newsletter with featured products and specials, and when you sign up for her birthday registry, she’ll send you a certificate for a free gift during your birthday month. You can sign up for both on her website.

When you buy something you love at Angelina’s, come back here and tell us all about it!

Hey Laura, I think... Review: Angelina Skincare

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