Recipe: Easy Refrigerator Pickles

Take advantage of all the gorgeous farmers’ market produce this summer and put some up for winter. (Don’t you love the term “put up” when referring to bountiful food? Makes me feel so homesteadish.)

This is the super easy “Clausen-style” (ie: never heated) pickle recipe that my family uses. In my opinion, it produces the best tasting result and best of all, you don’t have to have any skill whatsoever to make your own delicious homemade pickles!

No-cook Dill Pickles
3 Quarts Water
1 Quart Vinegar
1 Cup Salt

Cool overnight.

Scrub 5 pounds cucumbers. You can slice them now if you like, or pickle them whole. You can also pickle lots of other veggies! Don’t limit yourself to just cucumbers! My favorite are pickled green beans!

Put in tall jars with dill flowers and 5 garlic cloves

Cover with cold brine

For crispness:  Alum (usually found in the canning section but also sometimes the spice aisle) the size of a pea, OR 1 or 2 grape leaves

Refrigerate 3 days - 2 months.  (They have stayed good for the better part of a year for us.)
refrigerator pickles

If you prefer that abomination called “Bread ‘n Butter Pickles,” I just ran across a refrigerator version of those right here. :)

Hey Laura, I think... Recipe: Easy Refrigerator Pickles

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