My new favorite hot drink

A friend introduced me to the magic of artisan roasted single-origin cocoa beans, and I’m totally hooked.

I’m not a coffee drinker, but I often like a hot drink that isn’t tea.

Crio Brü is most akin to coffee. You can’t go in expecting a typical cup of “hot chocolate.” It lacks the thick, creamy mouth feel because it isn’t full of sugar and fat.

My husband likes the soporific effect Crio Brü has on him (I don’t notice it at all, but then I’m not a 2-3 espresso a day junkie!), and I like that it really takes the edge of my late afternoon snack attacks.

If you’re looking for a warming drink that isn’t coffee or tea, but doesn’t have the calories and fat of most other alternatives, try Crio Brü and tell me how you like it!

Hey Laura, I think... My new favorite hot drink

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