Hey Laura, my neck hurts!

I keep getting these time-sensitive health-related posts that weasel their way to the top of my line-up!

Heather writes:

Hey, Laura!

[Tuesday] night, around 8 or 9, my neck started really hurting and was really stiff. It’s still the same (if not worse) today. On Sunday, I was sitting in an old wooden chair at a BBQ and it broke. I fell to the deck. My tail bone hurt most of the evening, but I have tail bone issues to begin with and it stopped by the time we went home after the fireworks. No pain at all on Monday. Do think that could have caused my neck pain?

Also, what should I do to fix this? We don’t have insurance and not a lot of “extra” money to pay for doctor outright. Any tips on what I can do at home?

**** Remember, grasshoppers, I’m not a medical professional! I just like sharing helpful advice that I’ve learned along the way! ****

Oh, absolutely I think your fall helped contribute to your neck pain. Remember the old song about “Dem Bones”?

Nothing that happens to our bodies is an isolated event; there are repercussions throughout the whole system. And most of the time there’s not one big “Ouch” moment when all the damage is done at once; bad posture habits and little tweaks add up over time, compounding your eventual pain.

While your fall on Sunday may not have been the actual root cause of the neck pain, it triggered the final straw that broke the camel’s…neck, in this case.

It could be that however you compensated for your tail bone pain eventually took its toll on your neck. Or when you fell you did do something funky to your neck, but your tailbone was yelling at you more loudly and it wasn’t until the tailbone stopped hurting that your neck spoke up.

What to do
Obviously, the best thing you can do is go see my awesome chiropractor. :)

Even if you can only go once, a good chiropractor can help your body remember how it’s supposed to be aligned and teach you ways to maintain proper alignment even without regular chiropractic care. Learning from Kevin about how our bodies are put together has been an amazing experience; he is a really talented guy!

Those of my readers not fortunate to live in Central Oregon can find a chiropractor in your own area. Remember that not all chiropractors are the same, and the best way to get a good one is to ask around for a referral. Chances are, if someone has a great chiro, they are trying to convince everyone they know to make an appointment to transform their lives!

Stretching exercises. Here is a link to some good ones. My favorite that Dr. Kevin taught me is a simple chin-to-chest movement while concentrating on straightening my neck while pointing the crown of my head straight up to the ceiling. Such a simple motion, and, depending on my stress levels and degree of poor posture that day, such incredible relief!

Get a foam roller. See my article on back pain for more info on how to use it. A foam roller is only about $12 and lets you gently stretch your body by utilizing myofascial release.

Arnica gel. Used topically in gel form, Arnica is as effective as ibuprofen at reducing stiffness and inflammation. Boiron makes a good one.

I hope this helps!

Hey Laura, I think... Hey Laura, my neck hurts!

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