Meal Plan: January 20-24

Week two of the Whole Life Challenge! Week one was interesting. The first half of the week, I felt like I was barely treading water, getting food prepared for my hungry people. My kiddos were eating full meals almost every 90 minutes! And since Leslie was still learning the ropes of all the dietary restrictions, I was prepping a lot more meals for him as well; he didn’t have much to scrounge from since peanut butter and honey sandwiches are not allowed!

I feel like I hit my stride by Wednesday, and things will be easier this week.

I’m not going to even try to put these recipes into a daily order; that didn’t happen at all last week. Rather, I’m going to list out the ones I’m going to try and be done with it.

Saucy things
I’ve made a couple batches of this Mayonnaise in the Vitamix (I use avocado oil, and no dry mustard). Homemade mayo is fantastic! So is homemade ranch dressing (I used my homemade pickled carrots and only one clove of garlic). Starting out the week with a bunch of sauces and dressings is going to help things go more smoothly.

Leslie wants me to try to make BBQ sauce. He is a huge ketchup lover and misses it terribly, but BBQ is easier to make with Stevia (the only sweetener allowed on the WLC). I’m going to try this recipe: Stevia sweetened BBQ sauce.

I already have the cashews soaked and dehydrated for this “cheez” sauce; I just need to make it!

Snacky things
We need grab and go snacks like Qwerty Bars and these Paleo Protein Bars.

I’ll also restock the trail mix jar, our fruit supply, and make sure there are plenty of carrot sticks for munching.

I made these zucchini fritters the other night and loved dipping them in my homemade ranch dressing. They are the perfect snack or lunch for me!

Bready things
I will definitely be making another loaf of this wonderful savory sun dried tomato bread. It is fantastic!

These coconut flour crepes look like they might be a nice way to pull together some random leftovers into a wrap.

I might make these Paleo biscuits and a cashew cream and ground beef gravy for breakfast some morning.

Meaty things
I already have the pork shoulder ready to go for these amazing stovetop pork carnitas. I might make spicy cauliflower rice to go with them, or just serve them in romaine leaves.

I want to make a chicken curry with the new curry paste I picked up at Whole Foods.

I have lots of ground beef in the freezer. I pull a pound out to thaw in the fridge overnight so I have it on hand and ready to go. I also have a few pounds of the chicken breakfast sausage that my butcher made for us. It’s so delicious! I fry up a whole pound of it at breakfast, and we snack on the leftovers throughout the day (they’re great cut up on a salad).

I will hit up my pastured egg provider midweek. We are going through a lot of eggs! My husband has always been an avowed egg hater, and he has eaten scrambled eggs (mixed with lots of other flavorful and texture-y things) twice this week! So proud of him!

Salady things
I have beets to use up. I like to roast them and then toss with a balsamic reduction and walnuts. Oooh, and bacon. Mmm.

I’ll be restocking spinach and romaine for the base of the many chopped salads we will enjoy this week. Veggies + Meat + Sauce = a great, easy to fix meal.

I’ve been toying around with the idea of cabbage rolls. We’ll see. They are kind of time intensive, and I can’t always guarantee I’ll have a big block of hands-free time to spend cooking. But I do have half a head of cabbage to use up somehow!

Alright, that’s the plan! I must say, I’m really enjoying having to be creative with food again. Sometimes the time/energy crunch gets to me and I feel stressed about all the hangry people clamoring to be fed. But mostly, I’ve really enjoyed the challenge so far!

Hey Laura, I think... Meal Plan: January 20-24

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