Review: Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss dairy- soy- and gluten-free ice (coconut) cream

As you may recall, earlier this month, we held a contest for free pints of Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss. Kiley, from Coconut Bliss, was kind enough to provide us with coupons so we could try their dairy-free icecream, risk free!

Well, our three lucky winners’ reviews are in, so I’m going to whet your appetite for some cold deliciousness!

Me, Laura - Mint Galactica

I got myself out of my Dark Chocolate rut and chose Mint Galactica as my free pint. I was really happy with it! I think this is a good flavor for people who are not keen on a coconut undertone to their icecream: I could hardly taste the coconut! The mint was strong, but not overpowering, and was shot through with generous amounts of dark chocolate flakes. Best of all, the finish was clean. I didn’t have that layer of residue in my mouth like dairy icecream usually leaves; just a pleasant fresh mint flavor. I served scoops of the Mint Galactica on top of warm brownies - it was a perfect combination!


Jaime - Almond Fudge

My family and I chose the almond fudge. I will give you the opinion of all three of us…Andy [husband] enjoyed the creamy flavor and loved that it was dark fudge swirling through the ice cream. He said he would eat it again, and really wants to try the vanilla. Turner (who is not an ice cream kid at all) LOVED it! He managed to eat most of the container over the few days that we had it. “Yummy, ouse cream, mama!” Lastly me, I enjoyed the flavor but not the gritty texture. I would like to try them again and while I didn’t love the texture I could get past it. I want to try the peanut butter flavor next.


BONUS REVIEW!! Jaime’s husband, Andy, sent me a great writeup of his Blissful experience!

I’m a big guy. And if there’s one thing a big guy knows, it’s ice cream. If it’s churned and frozen, chances are I’ve not only had it, but devoured it in record time. Not that I’m only into ice cream. I generally accept all of God’s frozen wonders into my belly. Sorbet, gelato, froyo…I don’t discriminate. But truth be told, not all of them are created equally. So when I got a coupon to give Coconut Bliss a go, I couldn’t say no.

I had my second pick of the Coconut Bliss litter (Whole Foods was out of the Cherry Amaretto), so I went with the Naked Almond Fudge. My mindset was that I wanted to experience the flavor of the original Bliss base, but I didn’t want to use my coupon on what is essentially no-frills vanilla. So I went with the one with almonds and fudge thrown in for free,

Turns out, it was an excellent choice. After the mandatory 5 minute waiting/defrosting period, I dove in. The first thing I was impressed with was the texture. Nice and creamy, very reminiscent to the “real” ice cream I know and love. It was clear that this is no gritty soy or rice concoction. Then I took a bite. Right off, you taste coconut (I mean, it’s not called “Coconut-ish Bliss), but it’s not overwhelming. It’s sweet, probably due to the agave syrupe, but not so sweet that your teeth ache. It also has a nutty, organic flavor that helps create a wonderful frozen dessert. Add in the almonds for some crunch and some fudge ribbons for decadence, and I was in frozen food heaven. My son and I ate half the pint in a sitting. It’s that good. Take it from a fat guy.


Heather - Mint Galactica

To start off, I have never even tried non-dairy ice cream (other than things like sorbet or sherbet).  So, I had no basis of comparison, other than regular ice cream.  To start my adventure, I read the package, as I always do with something new.  I saw that it said to take it out 5-10 minutes before eating so I set it on the table next to me and watched some TV.

When it was time to enjoy it, I opened the lid and smelled it first.  My first thought was, “it smells amazing!”  The mint scent is so good and “real” smelling!

On the first bite, I noticed that the texture is different (than regular ice cream), it melts really quickly, with no creamy “film” leftover, and it just goes away.  I almost found that to be annoying, as I wanted to it last longer!

The mint flavor was really strong at first, but as I ate more I tasted it less and tasted the chocolate more.  It had a slight taste of coconut, the more I ate it, but I LOVE coconut, so that’s fine by me! The only aftertaste was mint, which tastes like I just had a mint or brushed my teeth.  It was clean and fresh feeling on my tongue, not sticky and sweet like traditional ice creams.

I loved the pure white of it, contrasting with the black of the chocolate, very aesthetically pleasing.

Overall, it was really good.  I don’t think I would completely replace my ice creams with it, but it’s definitely another option to keep in mind.

Heather Anne - Naked

Tonight I took my coupon into Fred Meyers and redeemed it for my free pint. I was a bit discouraged to find that my only two options were Naked and Dark Chocolate, and seeing that I am not much of a Chocolate fan, I opted for the Naked.

We ate it in the car, my two aunts, Grammy and I (with spoons we took from the deli) and we enjoyed it very much. I am not a huge fan of the texture of coconut, though I love the flavor. This straight up coconut taste reminded me very much of being in Thailand and drinking Coconut Milk Shakes. (Not too ironic seeing that the farm Luna and Larry purchase their coconuts from is in Thailand!)

I am a big fan of the after-affect it had on me …NOTHING! About three years ago I gave up milk and found my asthma to almost disappear. Ice Cream has always been my most favorite of things … but after I got use to not having the dairy, my body stopped craving ice cream … but my mouth did not! I had no phlegm, no problem breathing, no stomach ache! I will be going to the store very soon (this time I will take the drive out to Whole Foods) so that I can try the Cappuccino!

I recommend this product to anyone.

Thanks, ladies! If you, or any of our readers, indulge in Coconut Bliss again, please come back and leave comments with your reviews! :)

Hey Laura, I think... Review: Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss dairy- soy- and gluten-free ice (coconut) cream

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