I’m an Amazon woman!

Okay, cheesy title, I know. But seriously, what’s not to love about Amazon.com? I’ve come to rely so heavily on the user reviews at Amazon that I have a hard time looking at paper catalogues anymore - where’s the star-rating and suggested alternatives? - I feel so blind without them!

I can’t tell you how much money we’ve saved on shipping with Amazon Prime. It seems steep at first ($79/year), but if you are buying online very often, you’re probably spending about that much in shipping anyway, and you’re almost never going to get free second day shipping anywhere but with Prime.

Right now Amazon is offering a couple of great Prime signup deals:

Amazon Mom (open to any caregiver of a child, male or female, young or old):
Free Prime for 3 months
30% off diapers and wipes with Subscribe & Save (15% off if you don’t do auto-delivery, and this includes cloth diapers!)
Plus, “for every $25 you spend within a single order in the Baby store, we’ll grant you an additional month of Amazon Prime shipping benefits. You can earn up to one year of Amazon Prime shipping benefits from the date you joined Amazon Mom.”

Obviously, it’s geared to benefit Amazon - they want to get you shopping exclusively online with them, and they want to addict you to Prime benefits so that you’ll cough up the $79 next year when your free membership expires! But you can play the system for free and probably save a lot of money if you are in the market for anything baby-related.

Here is the Amazon Mom FAQ and the Amazon Mom signup page.


Amazon Student (open to any currently enrolled US college student with a .edu email address)
Free Prime for a year
Deep discounts on textbooks (30% on new; up to 90% on used)
25% off on “college essentials” like bedding, small appliances, electronics, etc.)

Amazon also has a Texbook Buyback program. They give you about 30-50% of the new price in the form of an Amazon gift card.

Here’s the Amazon Student signup page. If you are a student but don’t have a .edu email address, read this thread for directions on how others have applied successfully. It’s a bit more work, but worth the effort!

For anyone without kids in their lives or student IDs, there is the free Prime trial. It’s pretty basic, but fun while it lasts!


Get Amazon Gift Cards!
Did you know you can ship (for free!) your old electronic devices to Green Earth Exchange to recycle and they will send you an Amazon.com gift card in exchange? You may not get a ton of money, but it’s more than you’d get if you recycled it yourself (and some bigger stuff actually costs money to get rid of!). Check out the Green Earth Exchange here. We have an defunct computer monitor in our garage that I’m going to go price out right now!

Hey Laura, I think... I’m an Amazon woman!

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