Hey Laura, how do I store my bread dough ornaments?

Matt writes:

If I make a Christmas ornament out of bakers clay, how many years will it last? How should I store it when its not Christmas season? Any helpful advice about how to prolong the lifespan?

Probably everyone’s mother has a little stash of homemade bread dough (aka bakers’ clay) ornaments in the Christmas decorations box, right? I fondly remember making these when I was a kid!

According to my research, it’s pretty easy to store bread dough ornaments long-term. You just need to keep them in an air tight container. Moisture is the main culprit in the ruination of these little guys. The other thing would be a varmint looking for a snack; air tight does the trick against both.

You can also seal them with spray shellac or even clear nail polish in order to help keep out the moisture. This should be in addition to the air tight storage container, though!

An alternative to bakers’ clay is polymer clay. It’s a more expensive route (since you can’t make it out of common kitchen ingredients), but if longevity is of the utmost importance, you won’t run any risks by using polymer clay. It lasts indefinitely and will not be ruined if exposed to moisture.

Happy crafting!

Hey Laura, I think... Hey Laura, how do I store my bread dough ornaments?

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