Hey Laura, what are some natural solutions for cold sores?

Leila writes:

What do you recommend doing about Cold sores?

Any recommendations on how to prevent them? Or what works the best to heal them? I usually get them when I’m super stressed and tired. Thus my immune system is down and the virus has a chance to come up and show symptoms on my lip/mouth area.



If you want to do some major reading, here is an extensive article on natural remedies for cold sores like managing your Lysine/Arginine ratios (helpful food chart included), using Zinc or Lemon Balm, and improving your diet to increase immunity.

Someone has already done most of the work for me with this entry on Health911.com. It reviews the typical causes of cold sore outbreaks and offers many options for prevention, supplements, folk and homeopathic remedies.

Of course, the best thing to do is work at prevention (an ounce being worth a pound of cure, after all!). If your cold sores are aggravated by stress and lack of sleep, the obvious answer is “Relax and sleep more!” Since that is not always realistic, what you need to do when you know you are stressed out and not sleeping enough is to bolster your immune system in other ways.

If you’re looking for a more natural alternative to Abreva, try Novitra Homeopathic Cold Sore Cream (with active Zinc), or Quantum’s Super Lysine Plus+ Coldstick.

The Health911 article mentioned Sepia, a homeopathic remedy, as useful for certain types of ” herpatic eruptions around the lips, corners of the mouth and particularly around the nasal area with crusty eruptions inside and on the nose.” I have been struggling with painful sores inside the tip of my nose for a couple months now! I just so happened to have some Sepia on hand (my naturopath gave it to me last year to help with an eye infection), and after just one dose of Sepia, my nose is about 75% better! Thanks, Leila, for helping me solve a really aggravating problem! :)

Not everyone’s bodies respond to homeopathy as readily as some. I personally believe it has to do with how “clean” your system is - if its bogged down with lots of gunk from processed foods and chemicals from your environment, it’ll be harder for the homeopathy to get through to you. Experimenting certainly can’t hurt, though (and neither will cleaning up your act!). Here’s another article that goes over dietary prevention as well as specific homeopathic remedies for different types (and stages) of cold sores.

Hope that helps you, Leila. Remember - the very best prevention for most health concerns is simply taking good care of your body! :)

Hey Laura, I think... Hey Laura, what are some natural solutions for cold sores?

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