Hey Laura, what are some healthy, satisfying snacks?

Kristina writes:

I’m looking for some satisfying, but healthy snack options…carrot sticks may be healthy, but they’re not very satisfying.

You’ve got a good start with the carrots. Studies have shown that low calorie, high volume foods like vegetables help people feel fuller sooner, without the extra caloric load.

However, the key to a satisfying snack is protein.

Protein keeps you feeling satisfied longer than anything else you can eat. In fact, starting your day with a high protein breakfast (eggs are great!) will help you not be desperate for a snack come 10am.

The golden snack combination is a food with high water and fiber content (most vegetables and some fruits), combined with a lean protein. Choosing something with a little fat is going to help your mouth feel satisfied, too, which will keep the munchies at bay. Here are some ideas:

  • Crudites (raw veggie sticks - carrots, celery, bell peppers, broccoli, cucumber - remember to eat the rainbow!) and hummus (you can make a nice Mexican “hummus” by whizzing up a can of black beans with 1/2 a cup of salsa and a dash of cumin!)
  • Crudites and baba ganoush (I make a variation of David Lebovitz’s stellar recipe)
  • Edamame (a proteinous veggie!), boil and toss in a bag with a bit of sea salt - fun to eat!
  • Roasted chickpeas (here is a collection of recipes)
  • Three Bean Salad
  • Greek yogurt (has more protein than regular) and blueberries
  • Cottage cheese with fruit (I never got into that, myself - I prefer a little Frank’s Red Hot on top!)
  • A handful of almonds and a peach
  • A couple of Medjool dates dipped in almond butter (this is a decadent treat and very filling!)
  • Feta cheese (the most nutrient-dense cheese) and sliced cucumbers
  • Ants on a log!
  • Tuna salad (easy on the mayo, though!) burrito-ed into romaine leaves
  • Strawberries filled with (or dipped in) whipped cream cheese (add a drizzle of honey and splash of vanilla extract to the cream cheese for a cheesecake-like experience)
  • Red bell peppers and a skim of Neufchatel cheese (it’s lighter than regular - but without the nasty fillers of “fat free” - cream cheese) rolled up in deli turkey slices
  • An apple and an ounce of extra sharp cheddar
  • Steamed artichoke dipped in garlicky feta aoli (mash feta up with enough olive oil to make it dip-able, and add as much fresh-pressed garlic as you want!)
  • A hard boiled egg - the perfect food!
  • Mmmmm….now I’m feeling hungry! I hope this helps your tummy get through the day more cheerfully!

Hey Laura, I think... Hey Laura, what are some healthy, satisfying snacks?

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