Hey Laura, find me healthy food near the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle

Okay, pushing my regular posting aside to help out my husband in need. He’s up at PAX this weekend, getting his nerd on. But since I’ve converted him to clean eating, he has a hard time at these things! Too much Mountain Dew and not enough salad!

Yeah, he could probably run his one Yelp search, but what are expert wives for, anyway?

Here goes, honey. (I never call him honey, by the way; that was just for the alliterative effect.)

The closest thing to PAX is actually in the convention center, on the second floor: Juicy Cafe has smoothies, sandwiches, rice bowls, soups, salads, breakfasts, and coffee. It looks very good and it is surprisingly affordable for convention center dining. Mmmm…get one of those kale-icious green drinks for me!

Market Fresh Salads - 1326 5th Ave (Basement of the Rainier Tower between Union St & University St). It’s kinda like a Fresh Choice sorta deal, but apparently much better, according to the Yelpers.

If you haven’t hit up Monorail Espresso yet, you should. Apparently they make sublime Americanos. Cash only. 520 Pike St (between 5th Ave & 6th Ave), 9-5 on the weekends.

Reasonably priced and healthy-looking Mexican type stuff at Blue Water Taco Grill - 515 Union Street and check out their breakfast menu!

Soup’s On! serves 11 kinds of soup every day (from a 60-soup rotation). They look delicious. 1420 5th Avenue.

Okay, you have to check out Cyber Dogs - an all vegetarian hot dog internet cafe (doesn’t even begin to describe it). These are not your average “meat on a bun” dogs. Their “Red Hot Bayou” hot dog (“with a bite Red beans & peppers, “beef”, onions, celery, corn and of course Cajun spices mixed with rice and a dog on top!”) sounds just like something you’d order! On the corner of 9th and Pike at 909 Pike St. 11am to midnight.

Have some classic French street food from La Creperie Voila under the arch at 7th and Pike. The guy actually trained in France to make crepes. (Weekends 9am to 9:30pm.)

You can get a salad with 4 toppings served in a warm asiago pizza crust (aka piadine) from Mod Pizza, where they make their signature dough and sauce fresh every day. 1302 6th Avenue, and you can order online!

If you’re up to a short hike, you have the whole of Pike Place Market to explore! Let me make a Yelp-inspired recommendation, however, based mostly on its 4.5 star average (98 reviews) and this amusing post about it on Yelp:

My god, this place. I fantasize about it when I’m away from Seattle.

Well do I remember my first sandwich here: chicken and goat cheese with sun dried tomatoes and pesto aioli.

After the first bite I actually stopped in the middle of the street because I was paralyzed by joy. I’m surprised a car didn’t hit me and if it had, I’d have died a happy woman.

This sandwich was, simply put, perfect. The slight crunch of the toasted bread mixing with the tenderness of the chicken and just the right amount of tangy cheese. Bliss, my friends, bliss.

And if I have seen another place of this caliber that charges five bucks for a sandwich, may lightning strike me (which is altogether possible during Seattle summers).

Bless you, Michou.

Michou Fresca is at 1904 Pike Place. Please enjoy your sandwich on the sidewalk and come home to me in one piece!

That’s it for now. If you can’t find something you like from that list, find yourself another expert! I have articles to write! :)

Hey Laura, I think... Hey Laura, find me healthy food near the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle

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