Snippets: The link between dairy and ear infections

Jen was wondering about the connection between dairy and ear infections, so I pulled a few links for her. It’s late and I’m tired (and this is a Snippet), so I didn’t go all out, but there’s enough to get her started here.

Article outlining the link between milk allergy and chronic ear infections, stating that “Up to 40 percent of kids who suffer from chronic ear infections has a milk allergy.”

Lots of compelling reasons to drop dairy from your kid’s diet.

Some alternative treatments for ear infections including cutting out dairy and (a HLW favorite!) using garlic drops!

Don’t kids need dairy in order to be healthy?

Here are some nondairy calcium sources. (More advice here.)

If your child is still nursing she doesn’t need calcium supplements, of course. If not, try to get her nutritional needs met by foods rather than supplements, as we absorb nutrients better through our food! A lot of cereal is fortified already, so read your labels.

It takes about 2 weeks for milk proteins for fully leave the system. For gastro-allergy symptoms, you usually see results in about 48 hours; I’m not sure how soon you’d see it for the ears alone! My guess is you’ll see other symptoms disappearing, though - stuff you never attributed to a food sensitivity before!

Just a freebie - chiropractic really helps drain those eustachian tubes, too. I would definitely go the non-dairy + regular chiro long before I’d give in to antibiotics + ear tubes. But you know me, I’m a hippie. ;)

***Another reason to be careful about giving littles antibiotics: Researches have found evidence that infants given antibiotics (prior to age 6 months) are heavier than their peers later in life. This is probably due to the damage to the gut that antibiotics wreak - making it harder for the body to absorb nutrients from food. As the article points out, “farmers have known of the relation between antibiotics and weight gain for years, often using antibiotics to produce heavier cows.”

Awesome. How ‘bout you start by going natural? Antibiotics are a lifesaver, but not for ear infections. They will almost certainly cause more long-term harm than short-term good.

Hey Laura, I think... Snippets: The link between dairy and ear infections

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