Coupon code for $5 off at Angelina Organic Skincare!

Hey friends,

I’m not posting right now because there is this weird legal issue with some spammer threatening a ridiculous lawsuit for something *they* maliciously did to *my* site. I’m not sure about the details (because my wonderful husband is taking care of it for me) but it’s stupid and annoying and makes me want to hide.

But I did want to come out of hiding and share this awesome coupon code with you!

Get $5 off your next Angelina Organic Skincare purchase! (Click the link: works online and in-store.)

The fine print is that if you use that link, I will accrue some store credit myself (whee!), and I bet when you make a purchase, you’ll get your own code to share with friends on Facebook and by email to continue the cycle of savings. : )

This summer I’ve been slathering the Skin Doctor on my feet every night, to keep my heels from cracking. It works wonders!

I’m also really loving the Calendula Hibiscus Hydrosol as a gentle cleanser and refresher before my face’s nightly dose of Radiance Serum. The latter is spendy, but a tiny squirt goes a long way, and I believe in investing in your skin’s natural beauty rather than buying makeup with which to cover it up! : )

Hey Laura, I think... Coupon code for $5 off at Angelina Organic Skincare!

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