CLOSED: Contest! Xlear sample kits giveaway

I was fortunate enough to score some fabulous Xlear product sample kits that I get to share with THREE lucky winners. While they’re sort of geared toward kids (there’s a baby toothbrush and toothpaste included), these Xylitol-based products are great for general use. (If you don’t know a baby who might like the kiddie toothbrush, let me know and I’ll take it out of your kit to be given away at a later date!)

xlear sample kit

I’ve been using Xlear nasal spray for my and my kids’ stuffy noses for a couple years now and love it. I recently switched to Xylitol sweetened gum and feel much better about popping a piece of good-for-your-teeth gum in my mouth when I’m apart from my toothbrush. The cute little banana toothbrush was an instant hit with my 1 year old. She signs wildly for it any time we are in the bathroom. It’s super soft and gentle, and the baby toothpaste tastes really good, too!

How to enter

My month-long hiatus made my readership take a dive, so I’m going to use you to remind everyone that HeyLauraWhat is still alive and well!

All you need to do is share my URL with people. You can share specific links to other articles, the link to this contest, or just my basic www - whatever suits your fancy. And, you can earn multiple entries by sharing in different ways:

1. Write down my URL and give it to someone (either manually or digitally) = 1 entry per person with whom you share (if you send a mass email, you’d better blind carbon copy (BCC:), though, or I’ll give you negative points!!! Be a good email citizen!) :)

2. Post a link to your FB wall or a friend’s = 3 entries

3. Tweet a link = 2 entries

4. Blog about HLW on your personal website = 3 entries

5. Share a link in an online forum or other relevant community page = 2 entries

6. Hire a skywriter (take a picture to prove it!) = 100 entries

7. Wear a sandwich board sign at the busiest intersection in your town for 90 minutes at rush hour (take a picture to prove it!) = 100 entries

Just leave a comment below to say what routes you’ve taken to share the love!

I’ll be collecting entries until Sunday, March 13, whereupon I will close comments and choose THREE winners. I’ll post the winners before end of day, Monday, the 14th.

Good luck!

Hey Laura, I think... CLOSED: Contest! Xlear sample kits giveaway

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