Hey Laura, what kind of cottage cheese should I get?

Heather writes:

Hey Laura, what is a good brand of Cottage Cheese to buy? I have just recently re-discovered this amazing low calorie snack and am in love! Should I opt to buy only organic straight from the farm or is the store brand (not the low fat) equivalent? I am not looking to body build, just eat a healthy snack. Also ... how much of this delicious stuff can I eat?

Mmmmm…cottage cheese! I love mine with ketchup on top. :)

As far as quantity goes, my mantra is “everything in moderation.” If you are just eating cottage cheese as a snack, then eat a snack-sized portion, not a whole meal-sized serving. Have some fresh fruit or veggies along with it to help fill you up with fewer calories.

I’m a firm advocate of organic dairy products. Not only are they shown to be healthier for you, the smaller organic farms that produce good quality dairy products treat their animals much more humanely than conventional factory farms.

Not all organic is created equally, though! Look at the dairy ratings on Cornucopia.org to see how your brand checks out. Some of the bigger players in the organic market (like Horizon) have pretty shady ways to cheaply stay within the USDA’s very lenient “organic” guidelines.

I’m not sure what you mean about buying “organic, straight from the farm” - but if you literally have that opportunity, go for it! That is absolutely the best way to get your food!

The organic brand that I see in the most grocery stores that gets a 4/5 “cow rating” from Cornucopia.org is Nancy’s. Nancy makes a delicious cottage cheese that uses live active cultures rather than rennet to achieve its yummy consistency. Not only will you have a tasty snack, you’ll be replenishing your body’s friendly flora as well!

Hey Laura, I think... Hey Laura, what kind of cottage cheese should I get?

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