An update! An update!

Well I’m back. What a year 2011 was for my family. Was it crazy for everyone?

We experienced so much upheaval last year, I feel like we are just barely settling down. After 4 years of in-limbo in-boxes living, three offers on potential homes turned down, feelings of total disillusionment, two interstate moves in 8 months, and finally finding our forever home in Central Oregon, we’re making the switch from Survival Mode to Thriving.

One major step toward Thriving that we’re taking is to use our time more wisely.

During Survival Mode, evenings after the kids were asleep ended in an exhausted collapse in front of the TV for a couple hours of vegging before limping off to bed. That may feel like it takes less effort, but it becomes pretty draining after a while, and when you look back over the months and all you have to show for it is that you’ve watched every episode of every season of 30’s kind of depressing, too.

Our Thriving weeknight activities include reading, playing games together, personal projects, and of course a little TV and a little online time.

This year, I’m going to be blogging at least twice a month here on HLW. I realize I probably have lost most of my audience after my extended hiatus. But, since this blog never claimed to be audience driven to begin with, that’s okay by me. I probably use it as much as anyone - especially since I’ve been posting my go-to recipes here!

I also may start using the blog as a place to process my parenting journey a bit more. As you may have gathered from previous posts, I’m a big parenting geek. Since it’s my vocation in life right now, I put a lot of thought into how to do parenting well. So why not share my thoughts?

As always, feel free to email me questions. Let me be your expert. :)

Hey Laura, I think... An update! An update!

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