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Guidelines for questions

  1. I’m only a self-styled expert on things in which I’m interested or experienced. Those things include:

    • Cooking & Food (this isn’t a dedicated recipe blog, though - that’s in the works!)
    • Hippie Health (I’m all about alternative remedies and practices)
    • Travel (I used to work at a travel agency; I love putting together itineraries!)
    • Family Matters (kids, husbands, wives, in-laws, the family pet…)
    • Shopping (I am not a coupon-clipper or bargain-hunter, but I’m great at researching good buys)
    • Household (I’m a house-wife; I can help)
  2. Questions about my personal life or existential questions pertaining to yours are probably outside the scope of this blog. Don’t bother with rhetorical questions about my qualifications for starting an expert advice blog, either! :D

  3. If you want to remain anonymous, sign your email with a pseudonym!

What’s this all about?

I love to help people. If you’re my friend, one of the things you probably hear the most is, “Let me send you a link!”

This is a catalogue of questions people ask me, presuming that I know the answers. All I really know is what I’ve read, researched, or experienced first hand, but since I’m a glutton for information, I have a lot to share!

Opinions vary. If you don’t agree with me, be polite or go start your own blog!


Shopping Amazon

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