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Occasionally, friends will find me on Facebook or chat and we'll have a real-time advise session. Most of the information I pass along is off the top of my head without much intensive research to back it up, but still a useful starting point for further information-gathering. I'm posting these Snippets (with permission of course!) to HeyLauraWhat.com for future reference for everyone.

Snippets: Tylenol and Asthma Risks

I just ran across this article in Pediatrics magazine, further establishing the link between the use of acetaminophen and the asthma epidemic in the US.

If you or your kids are at risk (ie: have a family history of, or other significant contributing factors - like food allergies) for asthma, you would do well to find another fever and pain reducer.

In my house, we use the homeopathic remedy by HomeoLab called Kids Relief Pain and Fever Oral Solution. It doesn’t work for every single type of ache or pain (homeopathic remedies are very specific that way), but more often than not, it is just as effective as an OTC drug.

Read the full article of The Association of Acetaminophen and Asthma...

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Steal of a Deal! 50% off at Angelina Organic Skincare

I’m in the throes of our last few days of packing to move! Only 6 more days until we are on our way home to Central Oregon.

In the mean time, I’m purchasing a couple of these great 50% off coupons from Angelina Organic Skincare. I love her stuff and use it almost exclusively, so this is a great deal for me; I’ll be dropping by to stock up on face lotion as soon as I get into town!

If you’ve never tried anything from Angelina’s, this is a pretty risk-free way to check it out. I love the bath fizzies and shower scrubs. The Skin Doctor is absolutely the best thing for dry, cracking winter skin.

If you call or email Angelina’s, they can probably set you up with some custom sample packs, so...

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Snippets: Free Kids’ Audiobooks for Download

While LibriVox.org is probably the most well-known source for downloadable audiobooks, I really like browsing through the more visual catalogue at BooksShouldBeFree.com. Both sites have essentially the same content, it is just presented differently. They definitely have the best children’s selection out there.

I love this list of the LibriVox-available recordings from the Ambleside Booklists. I’m a big fan of the Charlotte Mason philosophy of homeschooling, so seeing the recommended reading all linked up like that is very useful!

I really hit the Google jackpot with Kiddie Records Weekly:

Kiddie Records Weekly began in 2005 as a one year project devoted to celebrating the golden age of...

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Snippets: How (and why) to eliminate dairy (and/or soy)

I’m compiling a list of resources here for anyone who needs to drop milk products from their diet. I run into this question a lot from breastfeeding moms with fussy babies and want to have a starting point for them. I will definitely be adding to this list over time, but I wanted to get it published right away for a mama in need.

Eliminating dairy is one of the first things I suggest for infants with digestive issues or excessive fussiness. Dairy elimination is also a great first step in reducing ear infections in kids.

When removing dairy from your diet, don’t automatically replace everything with soy substitutes. Many babies with milk intolerance are also sensitive to soy (the proteins...

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Snippet: Oh $%#! I just put dish soap in the dishwasher!

If you’ve ever been dismayed by the sight of bubbles leaking out of your dishwasher, here’s a quick solution to remember:

1. Scoop out as many bubbles as you can from the bottom of the dishwasher. Use a mug and dump the bubbles and water into the sink. If there are tons of bubbles, sop them up with a towel, too.

2. Add 2-3 cups of white vinegar to the bottom of the dishwasher. Some people say to add salt, too, but I’ve had equal results without. Some manufacturers recommend olive oil; I’ve never tried that. The vinegar works for me.

3. Once you’ve removed most of the bubbles and added the vinegar, try running the machine again. Stick around, though! You may have to repeat step 1 a few...

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Snippet: Got canker sores?

My friend Sonja PM’d me with some blog-worthy info the other day. Harmony mentioned this in the comments of my fluoride post, but it’s a big enough issue that I think it needs its own Snippet.

Sonja wrote:

I have suffered from lifelong canker sores. Finally I started to do some research and realized that I was allergic to an ingredient in my toothpaste - Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. In the last few months I have switched to Burts Bees SLS-free toothpaste. NOT ONE canker sore since.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is a surfactant ingredient used in many hygiene products (toothpaste, shampoo, bubble bath, etc.) and can cause topical allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. Its role in the exacerbation...

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