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Occasionally, friends will find me on Facebook or chat and we'll have a real-time advise session. Most of the information I pass along is off the top of my head without much intensive research to back it up, but still a useful starting point for further information-gathering. I'm posting these Snippets (with permission of course!) to HeyLauraWhat.com for future reference for everyone.

Snippet: Storing Apples

Ben is addicted to Honeycrisp apples (aren’t we all?) and wanted to know how to keep them so he can indulge long after they are gone from the grocery store.

Luckily other people have wanted to know the same thing, so there’s plenty of helpful advice online. Here’s what I found.

This forum thread has a variety of advice ranging from:
- bagged in the salad drawer
- UNbagged in the salad drawer
- bagged but with all the air sucked out
- bagged with little holes poked in the bags
- in your basement

Everyone agrees that plastic bags is the way to do it, but whether the bag should be sealed, vacuumed, or holey, no one could agree.

This little article from Purdue University’s Department of...

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Snippets: Is it safe to eat potato eyes?

Yes, you can eat the eyes. You probably shouldn’t eat the sprouts, and you should definitely not eat shrunken/wrinkled potatoes, or potatoes with a green tinge to them.

Here’s where “Is it safe to eat potato sprouts? has already been answered.

The Wikipedia entry on potatoes is a fun read, but the part you’re looking for is under Potato Nutrition/Toxicity.

Here’s a short summary on Solanine, the toxin that the green tinge indicates is present. It takes a lot of solanine (4.5 pounds of green potatoes, according to Snopes.com) to poison an adult, but here’s what to do if you choose to be so foolish!

Snippets: How do I join the National Bone Marrow Registry?

You can join the National Bone Marrow Registry online, here. It’s free and it is painless; they will mail you a little kit with a swab to collect cells from the inside of your cheek, which you will mail back to them.

Alternatively, you can attend a marrow drive or sometimes even visit the bone marrow registry booth at many blood drives, and join in person.

Find a Marrow Drive in your area.

Read the list of Medical Guidelines to make sure your application will be accepted. Basically, you cannot be in a risk category for HIV or AIDS, serious bleeding problems, liver disease, etc.

Once you’re on the Bone Marrow Registry, you wait to be a match. I’ve been waiting for…around 12 years...

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Snippets: A more sensible Food Pyramid

Ever since the USDA did away with actual food on the Food

I’m sorry, My Pyramid, it simply hasn’t made sense to me. Look:

I like what University of Michigan Health System has done with their Healing Foods Pyramid.

healing foods pyramid

It doesn’t have the look of something sponsored by the Dairy Board or Big Agribusiness, for one thing. Dairy products and lean meats are optional (in the fine print); this eating plan represents a plant-based, whole food diet.

It’s very much along the lines of the way we eat at my house already!

While it still toes the “saturated fats are bad for you” line and suggests low-fat dairy products (two areas of disagreement for me), it is still far superior to the heavily...

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Snippets: Socially Conscious Undies

Katie asked me in iChat: “I would like you to find me some organic-fiber underwear that is made in the USA.”

I really didn’t think there was going to be much of a market for sustainable skivvies, but I was wrong!

Just a simple Google search for “organic panties” brought up lots of options. I sifted through them and here are my top picks:

Global Girlfriend’s Organic Cotton Hip Hugger Panties
Not only is this my favorite cut, this company rocks! Global Girlfriend was “created to help women worldwide gain economic security for themselves and their families by earning fair wages for their handiwork, Global Girlfriend sources women-made, fair-trade imported, eco-friendly products.”

So while...

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Snippets: More GF help

G. just got diagnosed with celiac disease. Yay for G.! She’s going to start feeling much better very soon! However, she’s worried about missing out on meal-time family traditions and doesn’t know how to substitute.

I am a vegetarian (not vegan) because I can’t imagine eating meat.  So there is no choice for me in the meat area.  Our family has a wonderful recipe for vegeburgers we have every time our family is together.  Now that is not an option.  Do you have any recipe for a vegeburger?  Also any ideas for hot dogs?  I have some Best Yet brand Chili Beans that are so good, but I’m not sure about a few of the ingredients - “seasonings and other spices, dextrose, calcium chloride (firming...

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Snippets: BPA-free sport top water bottle

B. just posted on Facebook:

Alright, who knows about plastics? I’m wondering if BPA free plastic is always hard plastic? I want to get [my daughter] a squeezable water bottle with a sport top…

I have some recommendations!

We really liked the Ultimate Direction 20-Ounce Bottle. It lasted about a year of hard-core daily use, including a lot of toddler biting. However, it might be hard for a little one to actually get open (although once open it still won’t spill, as it’s a bite-valve), because the “nipple” has to be pulled up before you can drink out of it.

The CamelBak Podium Bottle bypasses that issue and just has a special no-spill bite-valve.

Here’s a nifty list of Inhabitots’ Top 5...

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