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Occasionally, friends will find me on Facebook or chat and we'll have a real-time advise session. Most of the information I pass along is off the top of my head without much intensive research to back it up, but still a useful starting point for further information-gathering. I'm posting these Snippets (with permission of course!) to HeyLauraWhat.com for future reference for everyone.

Recipe - Homemade Elderberry Syrup

Of all the natural immune boosting remedies you could make at home, elderberry syrup has the best scientific support backing its use to combat and prevent the flu.

Until now, I’ve been purchasing my elderberry syrup from Honey Gardens Apitherapy, online. It’s wonderful tasting and effective, but it’s also really, really expensive. Prohibitively expensive for a family of five to take every day!

I recently started making my own elderberry syrup and I’m never going back. Making elderberry syrup is so easy and cost effective! It takes less than an hour, and the ingredients are easy to source either online or in your pantry. There are plenty of recipes online; here’s the HeyLauraWhat way. :)...Continue reading

Hey Laura, should I get my child assessed?

Ever since I’ve started talking more about our eldest daughter’s neuro-psych assessment, I’ve had many conversations with other parents about their kids and whether or not they should spring for the same type of evaluation.

Often, the hesitation is about the child being labeled; about the stigma of a diagnosis. Perhaps there is fear that the school will be uncooperative. And there’s that underlying and very human dread which says, “If you ignore it, maybe it will go away.” We all know this is a lie, but sometimes it causes us to second guess our best wisdom.

So here was my most recent response to someone wondering about Executive Function Disorder (EFD), which is the deficit part of...

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Snippets: The end of the WLC

As we were entering week 4 of the Whole Life Challenge, Leslie and I decided to call it off.

It wasn’t doing anything for us. No amazing energy boosts, no weight loss, no change in body composition, nada. Nothing as promised.

It’s possible that because we already eat so similarly to the WLC dietary restrictions, that our bodies didn’t even notice a difference. (I also am so strung out on sleep deprivation and nursing, that the hormones aren’t letting my body let go of anything.) I certainly didn’t experience any of the “withdrawal” symptoms that the WLC literature warns about. Leslie had a couple days of cravings, but nothing huge. He said he actually just felt hungry and unfulfilled...

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Snippets: A Really Helpful Parenting Book

I am only halfway through this book (I had to return it to the library and am now awaiting my Amazon purchase!), but I wanted to link it up here for my readers.

I haven’t talked too much about my personal parenting journey (that’s something I intend to do more of this year), but suffice it to say, the last 5 years have been rough. Like, “Is something terribly wrong here?” kind of rough.

Of course, something was terribly wrong for the first year (food allergies), and recovering from that first year was rocky, but I kept waiting for things to get easier in subsequent years, and they haven’t really. I’m dealing with new challenges as developmental stages pass, but there hasn’t yet been a...

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An update! An update!

Well I’m back. What a year 2011 was for my family. Was it crazy for everyone?

We experienced so much upheaval last year, I feel like we are just barely settling down. After 4 years of in-limbo in-boxes living, three offers on potential homes turned down, feelings of total disillusionment, two interstate moves in 8 months, and finally finding our forever home in Central Oregon, we’re making the switch from Survival Mode to Thriving.

One major step toward Thriving that we’re taking is to use our time more wisely.

During Survival Mode, evenings after the kids were asleep ended in an exhausted collapse in front of the TV for a couple hours of vegging before limping off to bed. That may...

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