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Hey Laura, do you have a mouthwatering flank steak recipe?

Anonymous writes:

Hey Laura, I want to impress my man with some meaty home cooking. Do you have a fantastic recipe that is relatively easy and inexpensive?

Oh, you are in luck, Anonymous! I just discovered the best recipe for making the most tender, flavorful flank steak strips you’ve ever feasted upon. I accidentally didn’t follow the recipe (what else is new?) and it turned out fine, so I’ll write down my adaptation here.

And, because I have a bad habit of not reading a recipe all the way through before I begin, only to find out there’s some crazy time constraint I didn’t know about that threatens to ruin my cooking plan…

First, note this! You need to start this at least 3-4 hours in...

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Hey Laura, how do I preserve my fresh garden herbs?

Kristina writes:

I have gobs of fresh basil and parsley still going strong in my herb garden. But the weather is cooling down, and it won’t be long before I have to pick all of it, or lose it to frost. What’s the best way to preserve herbs so that I can use them in winter?

Lucky you and your abundance of basil! My favorite way to preserve basil is in the form of pesto, which freezes very nicely in ice cub trays.

Alternatively, you can just freeze an herb (whole leaves or chopped in ice cube trays), either by itself or immersed in olive oil (I did that with rosemary and it is a great soup starter)! Once they are frozen, take the blocks out and store them in a bag or jar in the freezer....Continue reading

Recipe - HeyLaura Wonder Bars (GFCF)

I don’t think I’ve been more proud of a recipe, you guys! This one has turned out so great! Remember that ooey gooey potluck favorite, the Wonder Bar, full of sweetened condensed milk and refined sugar and flour? Well, I’ve cleaned it up and made it even more delicious. Not only more delicious, but also vegan and gluten free…and maybe even raw, if you choose your ingredients with that goal in mind!

Doesn’t that look tempting?

HeyLaura Wonder Bars (gluten free and vegan!)

For the crust
2 c almond meal (not blanched almond flour; I get mine at Trader Joe’s)
1/2 c date sugar (you could use 2-4 TB of agave nectar here - taste for sweetness. I like a hint of sweet, but not enough to drown...

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Recipe - Crockpot Bean Soup

I make soup (usually beans, sometimes minestrone if we have leftover veggies ailing in the fridge) and bread almost every Friday, and by the end of the week it is really nice to have the work done for me. Most weeks I make cornbread (my family’s favorite) or quick biscuits, but sometimes I’ll stir up a batch of dough from Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day and we’ll have hot loaves of bread to share with our neighbors and enjoy with butter and honey that night.

I never measure when I’m making bean soup, and I often end up soaking way too many beans. Lately, I’ve started purposefully prepping too many so that I can freeze some soaked beans for later, thus cutting down my meal prep time by...

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Snippets: The Crust Wrap

Are you a parent like me, who grazes off the kids’ scraps and inadvertently consumes a whole meal’s worth of calories off of the “crumbs,” before even sitting down to your own actual meal?

I discovered a new lunch time hack last week. When I cut the crusts off my kids’ ham sandwiches, I added some cheese (they’re dairy free, but I’m not!) wrapped them up in big crunchy leaves of Romaine lettuce, and sat down to the table right away with my very own “Crust Wraps.”

These delicious, inside-out “mini-sandwiches” are a perfect answer to wasted crust and extra calories. Don’t they look delicious?

Cinnamon Banana Date Smoothie

I know I have not originated this recipe, but all the variations I’ve seen congregated in my subconscious as I put this delightful little treat together yesterday afternoon (and again today because it is just that good).

It really is delicious - creamy, rich, sweet, and filling. It’s by no means a “Health Drink” but it certainly scratches the milkshake itch without being quite so devastating to your waistline!

Cinnamon Banana Date Smoothie

1 frozen banana
1/2 c plain yogurt (I used nice thick Greek yogurt; if you don’t, you might want to reduce your milk a bit)
1/2 c unsweetened vanilla almond milk (or whatever you have on hand)
4 dates, pitted
1.5 TB peanut butter
1-2 tsp cinnamon (I...

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Product Review (and Giveaway!!): Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Blue Agave Nectar

I was recently fortunate enough to receive a fabulous sample pack of agave nectars from Wholesome Sweeteners to review with my moms’ group and on my blog. I have been using agave nectar for a couple years now, but they are introducing some new products that have me (and my kids) all kinds of excited!

Before I get into the review, let me say a little about agave nectar and sugary stuff in general.

Hey Laura, what about sugar?
Sugar is sugar is sugar is sugar. It is an empty carbohydrate that is not meant to be a quality food substance. Sugar should be a treat, a flourish, a small part of your well balanced diet. Just because a sugar is “all natural” or “organic” or “raw” or “low glycemic”...

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